Privacy-centric crypto currency TorCoin, opens its doors to the public exchanges

Privacy-centric crypto currency TorCoin, opens its doors to the public exchanges


Inspired by the first decentralized network called The Onion Router (TOR), this crypto-currency has been accepted by various well-known exchanges C-Cex,, and This crypto-currency is completely private, as in completely anonymous. Unlike Bitcoin and other currencies that usually feature public blockchains, TorCoin features only stealth.

Nobody can ever know whether you are running a TorCoin Node or not, which is the proprietory software used to mine the currency. Speaking of which, the currency is premined, although not significantly. It uses a hybridized X11 hashing algorithm to facilitate mining, as for the first two years this will be done through the proof-of-work consensus, while after these two years have passed the whole network will transition to proof-of-stake. At the time of the transition there will be a total of 12 million TorCoin, but this number will continue to increase slowly, due to the functionality behind the proof-of-stake consensus.

It is fully integrated with the official Tor network, although the team behind TorCoin is not the same team behind the Tor Browser/Network. Beyond the anonymous sending of currency, additional features are available with TorCoin, such as the possibility to send encrypted messages, to other TorCoin users. There is potential for additional features, as time goes by, since this coin is open-sourced and in continuous development, so who knows what people are going to come up with?

Wouldn’t you have liked to get into Bitcoin when it was still fresh? Maybe you missed Bitcoin, but right now you have the opportunity to start mining a currency that has the potential to go big, as people are secretive by nature. Download TorCoin and start mining right now at

Recent trading volume and TorCoin’s price can be monitored on coinmarketcap.

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