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EIPlatform is a large-scale platform based on the blockchain system, which allows directly linking sponsors, partners, gamers, esports fans with significant benefits and convenience for all parties.


Brands and Companies do not understand the Esport audience and the market itself.

Efficiency of investments in the Esports market is decreasing.

Small teams, beginning streamers and tournaments of local importance do not get access to the budgets of large companies.

Main part of the marketing budget of Brands is taken by various intermediaries and agencies. A wide part of the audience doesn’t participate in the development of Esports directly.


Brands spend up to 17% of sales revenue on marketing. This expense item of Brands is going through agencies and continues steadily growing.

One of the goals of EIP is to replace agencies with more personalized and efficient direct marketing, facilitating effective direct interaction between Brands and the audience. Creating of a single EIP platform equipped with artificial intelligence, with using its own calculation tools will allow the following:


The principle of the EIP ecosystem.

Brands and companies will get direct access to the esports audience, which in the end will have the opportunity to participate in the development of esports. The EIP ecosystem based on artificial intelligence will allow to identify and classify the individual behavior of market participants, will allow to analyze the complex interaction of these behaviors and will provide a ready-made solution for each partner on the basis of requirements and tasks.

Ecosystem EIP optimizes expenses for sponsorship by increasing its efficiency and increasing profitability for each partner. At the same time, the audience will receive exclusive goods and services.

The EIP ecosystem will be deployed in the largest cities of the world with all necessary infrastructure for successful operation.

Ecosystem EIP is oriented to the most dynamically developing world market – the esports market.

For the successful launch and implementation of the EIP project, we planned an ICO. April 10, 2018 the launch of sales of EMP tokens. The maximum goal of ICO is: 60,000,000 USD. The exact number of tokens will depend on the amount of investment.

Why is the EIP project guaranteed success?

1) Transparency

EIP involves creating a convenient and accesible business model. All information is in the public domain, minimization of risks and guarantees for potential investors.

2) Trust

Partners of our company is respected and very famous team in the world of esports – Team Empire. The audience of which is about 200 million people a year. The opinion of Team Empire’s participants is important in the world of esports.

3) The EIP team includes true professionals in their field. Professional programmers, developers, managers, marketers.

4) Life does not stand still, it’s time for change! EIP assumes the creation of new foundations of a model of behavior between sponsors, investors, companies and esports audience. Our project provides a simple system of interaction between the participants, no more intermediaries.

Why should I buy EMP tokens?

1) An excellent opportunity for investors at ICO EIP to acquire tokens one of the first and earn on their value in the future.

2) Buyers can use the EMP cryptocurrency inside the created ecosystem to make payments for goods and services with the possibility of further participation in the development of esports.

Today you can become a part of a large ecosystem of the future!

Here is the link to our official website: https://eiplatform.io/

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