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National Center for Helping Lost and Exploited Children, with support from BAZAAR Production and Universa Blockchain, will present world’s first innovative technology niche – Child Tech. The new area, located at the cutting edge of more than 30 technology segments, will be presented at BAZAAR Technology Convention in Sochi, Russia (Gorki Gorod resort), due to take place on November 16-19, 2017. A working solution for a unified alert and monitoring system will be presented at the event, which enables search for missing kids using advanced blockchain technology developed with Universa platform.
The National Center for Helping Lost and Exploited Children was established as part of the 2012-2017 National Action Strategy for Children, under a decree by Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation.

Child Tech is a new autonomous technology area, which focuses on tapping the potential of innovative technology in the interests of the society, to develop the institute of social protection of childhood and implement the National Action Strategy for Children.

To ensure smooth development of the Project, the National Monitoring Center for Helping Lost and Exploited Children, together with BAZAAR Production and Universa Blockchain, is launching a co-working and acceleration program involving representatives from various government departments, ministries and agencies, leaders of the Russian development institutions, prominent international experts, key practitioners and analysts, and delegates from major public organizations dealing with children’s issues and socially responsible corporations. The competency center will conduct ongoing needs analysis, targeted selection of technologies and generate publicly accessible socially important innovative projects at the cutting edge of 30+ technology segments, supported by specialist associations, independent developers, Techno Parks and 80+ Universities.

The Child Tech niche is supported by the state at the highest level, the process involving more than 3000 stakeholders from social organizations and government agencies, who will present first-hand information on the current needs and issues. The first special Child Tech Hackathon will be dedicated to addressing current objectives through development of Minimum Viable Products based on Universa Blockchain platform. The contest organizers will select the most socially relevant technologies and projects dedicated to social protection, support, efficient organization of search for missing children, protecting life and health of families and children, orphans and children without parental care, minors in socially dangerous or challenging situations, children suffering from cruel treatment, including physical, mental and sexual violence.

The teams offering the most promising solutions will become residents of the specialized accelerator unit and will be offered a space at the co-working facility of the National Center for Helping Lost and Exploited Children, in addition to winning a prize pool of 1,000,000 Universa Blockshain tokens – an equivalent of US $100,000. The best projects will receive mentor support and be presented to the top public officials.

About BAZAAR Technology Convention: https://www.bazaarconvention.tech
About the National Center for Helping Lost and Exploited Children: www.findchild.ru
About Universa Blockchain: http://universa.io/

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