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BrickTrade secures partnership with an FCA-Approved Platform -
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Bricktrade, the UK’s first tokenised real estate investment platform, are proud to announce they have recently partnered with an FCAapproved platform to support compliance

Bricktrade has broken the glass ceiling of the real estate industry by developing a platform that tokenises real estate assets and opens up to the possibility of investment from crypto market participants.

By fractionating real-world assets and connecting property developers to investors using the blockchain, the company brings collaboration and efficiency to the entire market. Bricktrade eliminates the common struggle of taking care of mortgages, deposits, and tons of paperwork, allowing anyone to be a part of the thriving ecosystem. 

Founder and CEO, Guv Kang has been a pioneer in the London real estate market for over 20 years and was delighted to share the news of the partnership. He has commented: “Following a highly successful seed raise, we are gearing up for the next exciting phase of the BrickTrade journey, and as such are very proud to announce this partnership . Now that we have partnered with an FCA-approved platform, we’re set to take the industry up to a whole new level. The future is looking incredibly bright for BrickTrade and our partner , and we can’t wait to show our community what we’ve got coming up next!” 

The CEO of the platform  also commented on this new partnership, stating “We are delighted to have BrickTrade on board with us. BrickTrade has revolutionised the real estate market and we are looking forward to joining forces and making the most out of this brilliant opportunity.” 

This newly established partnership between BrickTrade and the platform will bring investors the formerly inaccessible opportunity to own a fraction of properties coming on the market and invest in property development projects.

It is in Bricktrade’s long-term vision to push access to real estate forward, allowing the markets to prosper at a global scale. Bricktrade is working towards being FCA regulated themselves in 2022. They will soon formally announce this incredible partnership and keep the market updated on their progress for FCA approval. 

 With this new partnership in place and an eventful 2022 roadmap ahead, BrickTrade is set to bring the real estate industry to new and unparalleled heights.

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About BrickTrade

Bricktrade lets investors own part of a property without the usual hassle of deposits, mortgages, credit checks, and mountains of paperwork. Investors can get started buying fractionalized shares of properties with as little as £500, thanks to its cutting-edge crowdfunding platform, which leverages the power of the crowd to provide developers with a fast and efficient way to raise funds for development projects. This allows users to directly invest in development projects while earning bank-beating interest rates.

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