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Cryptex markets is an options based crypto exchange providing a social trading functionality to institutional and retail level investors.

The platform is based on an end to end encrypted highly secure trading portal with access to Crypto, Forex, Stock, Index and Commodity options.

The next step for Cryptex is the issue of the token that is an asset backing formula for the exchange, for certain level account holders an airdrop is expected to provide a 1 token per $10 held in the exchange ratio.

Currently the cryptocurrency market is at an ever volatile stage in its lifetime of nearly 10 years and Cryptex Markets relies on volatility to ensure a stable profit, with ever increasing market sentiment crypto is expected to be around as a long term form of digital gold.

Cryptex exchange is backed by a consortium of wealthy investors and early adopters of Bitcoin providing a liquidity pool for all options contracts placed within the platform.

A timeline is expected to be issued to the company website Cryptexmarkets.com within the next 14 days detailing the plan moving forwards to gain a larger community.

Finally we expect to be releasing further news about the platform ICO launch in the upcoming weeks.

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By Kewl

One thought on “Cryptex markets”
  1. Do not invest with CryptexMarkets. Been with them for 5 months. However when you wish to withdraw, you will hear every excuse under the sun. STAY AS FAR AWAY as POSSIBLE.

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