Crypto Youtuber Launching Bitcoin Funded TV Series on CBS

Crypto Youtuber Launching Bitcoin Funded TV Series on CBS


Cryptocurrency television shows are now gaining more popularity as various broadcasting services are taking responsibilities by offering to air these shows.

TradeStation and Cheddar –a live streaming financial news network- announced in a press release on March 15 to air “Crypto Craze” a weekly show focusing on cryptocurrency trading which has caught the attention of many crypto traders and investors.

More recently, America’s most-watched network- Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) – is set to air “Crypto Crow Show”- a thirteen episode series which will feature crypto trading, crypto mining, crypto security and also the future of cryptocurrency.

This show is entirely funded by Bitcoin and will be anchored by YouTuber and investor – Jason Appleton. The unlicensed financial advisor who has over 70,000 subscribers on YouTube has posted videos based on crypto investments tips and ICO reviews that are set to go live. He is optimistic that the show will gain him a lot of recognition, and potentially earn him a permanent deal with CBS.

These new developments seem to be innovative as they will help to provide educational information for newbies in the cryptosystem and also present quality research work. Shows like these will assist in the prediction of the cryptocurrency future as over 50 million homes will be watching their television sets as the first episode of this television series is aired on June 25.

As this new economy of the future gradually grows, it is ideal that all participants have an all-around knowledge of the pros and cons involved in this investment as we hope these cryptocurrency shows will feature all these.

What is your take on these shows? Should more funds be raised by individuals or the government to run these shows?


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