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Internxt is creating a Decentralized Cloud -
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Internxt is an early-stage startup that’s here to change the way the internet is organized. It is creating a whole new cloud ecosystem for files, apps and website hosting.

Internxt was founded and is currently owned and managed by a young entrepreneur Fran Villalba Segarra, and it has a whole team of developers and a legal advisor. Although he was born only in 1997, Fran has been involved in the internet industry since he was 14, creating small projects and working at Hostinger International.

Fran recently became increasingly interested in decentralization and started to learn about it (see his article on decentralization). After months of planning, Fran went all in and started Internxt, the biggest project he has ever started, which he assured in our conversation with him.

Fran loves new technology, entrepreneurship, philosophy & astronomy. We believe Fran and his team have what’s needed to bring a new internet to the table.

From what we could gather by speaking to Fran, Internxt will publish its whitepaper in around 3 weeks from today; probably close to early August, but we might even see the whitepaper sooner, as it is apparently already finished being proofread as we speak. An ICO will be held around September 2017. Users will be able to use Internxt’s token to pay for their services.

Although the official whitepaper is not yet available, based on our short conversation with Fran, we can anticipate what’s to come from Internxt. Internxt will create an ecosystem which will decentralize files, most likely in a P2P basis, just like Storj is doing. We do not know what Internxt will add to what’s already being offered by decentralized file storage projects, but we’re certain it’ll have other benefits other than offering a complete cloud solution (we’ll find out in a few weeks!).

With regards to websites, we can expect something like MaidSafe, but more user-friendly and simple to use, focused on building an internet that’s practical and that people can easily browse.

Finally, regarding apps, Internxt is planning on offering mobile apps a decentralized way of storing their data (user data), via their own API. Right now, mobile apps tend to store their data on centralized cloud services via API. Internxt is planning on offering a more secure, decentralized way of doing this, without altering the functionality of mobile applications.

Let’s see how Internxt and their planning creates a better internet, that makes sense and that is simple to use, to assure a reasonable transition from the current, less secure cloud we use.

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