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It’s Game Time for Mazer Gaming and Lepricon -
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Play and Earn blockchain game developer, Lepricon has inked a multi-level partnership with Mazer Gaming, a professional eSports organisation based in the United States. The two companies’ cooperation will focus on FansPredict, Lepricon’s real-world event-driven peer to peer prediction platform and game.

Dedicated Mazer Gaming Channel in FansPredict

Lepricon will create a dedicated channel for Mazer Gaming events inside FansPredict. The new channel will feature unique Mazer branding to become an extension of the overall brand experience Mazer Gaming fans enjoy when they watch or participate in the company’s eSports events. Now, fans will be able to extend their fun by predicting the outcome of contests in games such as Pokemon Go and Super Smash Bros and share in the rewards when they get it right.

Mazer Gaming / Lepricon Sponsorship Agreement

Lepricon, using FansPredict as the primary brand, will become a significant sponsor for Mazer gaming events throughout the entire eSporting calendar. This sponsorship will drive awareness of FansPredict among the Mazer Gaming audience, which generates more than 20 million impressions each month.

Promoting the adoption of crypto

Lepricon and Mazer Gaming will work together to produce co-branded content that promotes the benefits of blockchain, both to the gaming world and in general. The aim is to help new adopters learn about crypto responsibly and develop good habits to keep them safe.

Phil Ingram, CEO of Lepricon, “I am thrilled that we get to work with Sam and the team from Mazer Gaming. This is a true partnership where we can help Mazer deepen the experience for their fans, and in return, Lepricon earns a whole new audience for FansPredict. The bonus is that they are such nice guys to work with!”

Samuel Kijak, Owner and Founder of Mazer Gaming, “We are very excited to start a relationship with the Lepricon team. We have a lot of exciting plans in the works and look forward to showing each other’s audiences what we are capable of together this year.”

FansPredict will be launching in public alpha on BNB Chain.

About Mazer Gaming

Mazer Gaming is a professional esports and entertainment organization. Our goal at Mazer Gaming is to create championship winning teams and produce entertaining content for our fans.

Mazer Gaming is home to the Mazer Gaming Gives Back Tournament Series, a monthly crypto-infused esports event across a huge variety of game titles. The goal of this series is to raise money for charity throughout the stream.

About Lepricon

Lepricon is reimagining the possibilities for social gaming by a championing players-first economy through blockchain technology. We believe in the power of social entertainment and are working to create innovative ecosystems that transform everyday lives.


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