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Dubai, UAE, 30th November, 2021,

Polygen is introducing its own IDO on their recently established decentralized launchpad along with Trustpad, Polystarter and Copper.

Polygen, the Communities’ launchpad, has confirmed that they will carry out IDO’s across three major platforms. The initial Polygen IDO ($PGEN) is set to launch via their own platform, Polygen. 

Investors will get the opportunity to check out the new KYC-only IDO process and can actively participate in an innovative auction system. No FCFS, No Whitelist, No Lottery and No Whales. This is notably a fresh or brand new approach to the sometimes restrictive approach taken by more traditional launchpads. 

You may find more details regarding the KYC process here

The difference between Polygen and other launchpads– for Projects?

Projects should have complete freedom to determine how much they intend to raise, what auction mechanism they prefer to use, how they plan to manage their tiering.  They should also be able to initiate any type of project round (seed, private, public), or conduct connected rounds.  

Most traditional launchpads only choose a few projects to launch each month through gatekeeper panels based on their rigid ROI criteria. They’re mainly focused on short-term gains or results and obtaining a huge return multiple in order to address the requirements of their short-term investor communities. However, in this model, truly innovative projects might miss out on the chance to fundraise and showcase their project. 

Notably, Polygen provides a great opportunity for a rich and diverse community that’s primarily focused on the long-term success of initiatives, motivated by innovation and achieving decentralization.

As part of the triple IDO, users will be required to follow each launchpad’s guidelines and key processes separately. You may review more details on how to take part in Polystarter and Trustpad IDOs.

Here’s How You Can Participate in the Polygen IDO: 

The team at Polygen have compiled a detailed guide to assist you with learning how to effectively participate in their IDO. More information is available here.

You can also review the Polystarter IDO guide here.

The Trustpad IDO guide can be accessed here

About Polygen

Polygen is the Community’s Launchpad. They’re the first truly decentralized launchpad where projects are free to innovate, experiment and launch their project with no gatekeepers, no whitelist and no whales.

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