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SparkWorld* announces partnership with Islander to growth-hack NFTs! -
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In Web3, we know it is always best to be together. Sometimes, acceleration of ecosystems cannot be achieved by standalone projects – partnerships are amazing for this!


SparkWorld* is very excited to share details about our newest partner Islander, the go-to growth hacking platform designed specifically for crypto projects using gamification and staking inside its ecosystem!


Harry Horsfall, Strategic Lead at SparkWorld* and entrepreneur with years of expertise in Web3, commented about this exciting partnership: “Our collaboration with Islander is a high priority as SparkWorld* shares very similar values and mission with the project. We believe that together, we can create amazing launches of NFT collections, share insights, and enable education for users on both of our platforms. New programmes, ecosystems and airdrops are soon to arrive, and we are thrilled to be working together with Islander to make them happen.”


We have been lucky to hear positive feedback and high hopes from Viet Anh Tran, Founder & CEO at Islander as well who said: “The infrastructure to bring NFTs and crypto mainstream is getting built higher by the day. We, the people behind Web3 projects must often work together to produce large-scale outcomes, and Islander has become friends with SparkWorld* for that matter because of our mutual focus on the creator economy, token ecosystems, and NFT worlds. I couldn’t be more excited to work with SparkWorld* and share our resources for launches, projects, investments, and a lot more.”


The collaboration between SparkWorld* and Islander will be a strategic one. Both projects will come together to create and release into existence a wholly new educational platform on the blockchain called Learn2Earn, as the need for audiences’ understanding of NFTs & crypto is very visible. 


Additionally, both SparkWorld* and Islander will be doing their best to drive users to each other’s platforms for maximising adoption of different types of NFT and mechanisms which will act as another pathway toward utility. Islander will be launching its own NFT collection named Boats which will be masterfully released with the help of SparkWorld*’s Fair Prediction Launch (FPL) system designed to not leave any ecosystem member hanging. What’s more, Islander will be investing $10,000 in SparkWorld*’s private round that will follow the latest seed raise! 


Moving forward, SparkWorld* and Islander are discussing participation in Islander’s own ICE Program which has been built to enable projects to launch airdrops of tokens on the Avalanche ecosystem, SparkWorld* might just be a great participant in the project. This collaboration will bring both understanding and high levels of utility to newcomers and experienced DeFi connoisseurs and help push new blockchain technologies forward!

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