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Visit Blockchain Ireland - Feb 22nd! -
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Blockchain Ireland is taking place next week, and as it’s a virtual event, the whole world is welcome!

You can sign up using this link.

The event is called NFTs: Strategy Fit & Marketplaces and will focus on the why and the what of non-fungible tokens rather than the how.

Date(s) – February 22, 2022
8:30 am – 9:45 am

Speakers include:

“Mikey Deegan, an industry veteran with LinkedIn and others, is the founder and CEO of Mint Studios. This NFT strategy and advisory service helps organisations integrate NFTs into existing marketing activities, making the most of this new medium.

Mikey will take us through how NFTs can be leveraged for their unique characteristics.”

There will also be a look at NFT markets with crypto economy analyst Coincub. Senior analyst, India Murphy, will describe how NFTs are traded and exchanged.

In the afternoon, the physical event will take place in Dublin, Ireland.

More details below:

Web3 innovators: Micro-pitch + #startup speed-date. Panel: Enterprise NFT applications. Discussion: Irish DLT Readiness – Gap Analysis

About this event

BCIRL #StartupsNetworking_IRL – Web3 innovators


1. Community building Micro-pitching and #Startups speed-dating.

2. Knowledge-sharing Enterprise NFT applications: Panel and Q+A.

3. Workshop Irish blockchain readiness – Gap Analysis.

Panel speakers: enterprise NFT applications

  • Sudha Iyer Citi. Cybersec architecture for crypto and NFTs.
  • Alejandro Guiterrez Defactor. Real-world assets and NFTs.
  • Fiona Delaney OCN/ Transparent reporting in circular economy.
  • Barry O’Connor Data ownership and privacy in Web3.
  • Tommy D and Brian Elders TokenTraxx. NFT platform for musicians.

Attendance limited, waitlist applies.

There might even be themed Music & NFT event in the evening – stay tuned!

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