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The Well-Being In Web3 Summit, Amsterdam will bring inspirational talks, panels, and workshops to the Web3 community


AMSTERDAM — April 12th, 2022 — Well-Being In Web3, a three-day in-person blockchain conference, is coming to Amsterdam on April 21-23 and will feature some of the most renowned experts in Web3, with a purpose to bring the entire decentralised community together through immersive panels, exciting speakers, and quality workshops.


The summit is set to feature over 25 world-leading experts including: 


  • Tracey Bowen, Founder of H.E.R Dao
  • Michael Healy, Founder Unit Network
  • Dr. Marillyn Verkleij, MD & Founder of Balanced Being


Furthermore, the event is curated by experts in the respective domains of balance, performance, and wellbeing with a focus on depth-first sessions rather than size, bringing the community together in smaller groups to learn about the relevance of Well-Being for Web3.0. 


Thus, it goes without saying, the event will be an intimate one, with about 100 leading change-makers from technology, science, well-being, and investments, who are committed to advancing society through individual, institutional, and collective actions.


The major themes of the summit will revolve around how we can become the change we want to see in the world (balance within), how we can transform our organisations (balance in relationships), and how to use technology for impact and sustainability.


Pause. Connect. Perform.


In between the sessions, we will have connection breaks throughout the event to foster meaningful human interaction and heart-to-heart conversations that inspire collaborative efforts to bring more balance, diversity & well-being to Web3.


The Key Themes Of Well-Being Summit Amsterdam, April 21-23


Day 1, April 21st: 

Balance Within: How to become the change we want to see in this world?


How can we individually emerge stronger and more focused on what truly matters to our well-being than ever before? How do we become the change we want to see? What does the science of well-being say about the effectiveness of interventions?



Day 2, April 22nd:

Balance in Relationships – The Power of Empathy & Compassion


What does great leadership in fast-paced environments look like? How do we foster healthy relationships between each other and in an organisational context? What are great ways to bring teams into performance & flow?



Day 3, 23rd April: 

Balance in the World – The role of the Token Economy for Equity, Sustainability & Impact


Climate change, isolation, political division…how can Web3 technologies & communities address these and other serious challenges of our age? How do we create technologies that sustain an impact on the world? How do we bring more equity & diversity into Web3?





Your registration includes access to the summit and the experiential workshops. The tickets also include tea, coffee & light snacks for all 3 summit days. There will be time for the Q&A sessions whilst keeping to the  timeline;


  • 12-minute keynote
  • 30-45 minute panel
  • The rest for the workshop
  • 90 minutes overall with a possibility to mix/match!!




We welcome a variety of brilliant speakers to join and enlighten us all at Well-Being In Web3, including:


  • Thy-Diep Ta, a renowned book author, and Co-Founder at Unit Network
  • Dr. Marilyn Verkeleij, Doctor of Philosophy and Owner of YogaVeda
  • Victor Santiago Pineda, serial social impact entrepreneur & UN Contributor
  • Sophie Punte, WEF Contributor for Climate Action
  • Tey El-Rjula, 4x TED Speaker and book author


Find the tickets and all related information for Well-Being In Web3 Amsterdam here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/well-being-in-web30-summit-tickets-314498562667/


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We hope you can join us!



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