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Why the earnings season matters (and why you should be following it) -
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The earnings season is upon us. Leading publicly traded companies from around the world are reporting their earnings and the investment community is watching closely. An earnings report is a key indicator of a company’s performance and can often impact a stock’s price significantly.

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Diversify your trading strategy with stocks

In 2018, the crypto market experienced several stints of relative stability and lower volatility, prompting crypto traders to look for investment alternatives. Each earnings season presents a plethora of opportunities, as, since 2001, earnings reports have impacted share prices by an average of 5.34%.

During the current earnings season, many companies will attempt to bounce back after markets took a hit in October. Several companies will also be providing evidence of how certain market events affected their profits.

For example, media giant Twenty-First Century Fox will reveal how the ongoing bidding war, which ended in its acquisition by Disney, impacted its performance. Another example is video game powerhouse Take-Two Interactive, which will present how its record-breaking release of the game Red Dead Redemption 2, that reached $725 million in sales over its first weekend, manifested in its earnings.

The earnings season could be an amazing opportunity to look into the stock market and find your next investment opportunity. To stay posted on upcoming earnings, it is best to follow an earnings calendar, read market analysis and track down the right stock for you to invest.

Be it in big tech, the financial sector, gaming companies or any other market segment, your next trading and investing opportunity could be right around the corner.

Past performance is not an indication of future results. This is not investment advice. Your capital is at risk.

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