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Wow Summit - the biggest blockchain event in Dubai -
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WOW Summit Dubai

The biggest Blockchain event in the Middle East, the World of WEB3 Summit, will take place on the 13-16th of March 2022, in one of the biggest cities of UAE and a new Blockchain hub of the Middle East, in Dubai.

WOW Summit Dubai will connect global DeFi and NFT tech visionaries, investors, and developers, along with leaders from international businesses and government authorities.

WOW Summit creates a bridge, connecting the global Blockchain leaders with the local decision-makers in the Middle East, helping the international Blockchain companies set up in the GCC area and clearly understand the rules, regulations, and practices for businesses.

This event aims to raise awareness of the NFT ecosystem on the international scene, as far as NFTs are extending the boundaries of art, and will offer one of the largest NFT expos ever created.

World of Web3 is presenting the leading digital artists and helping attendees to dive deeper into the world of NFTs.

Famous Blockchain visionaries and crypto leaders are going to speak at the stage of the conference. Among them are the following:

  • Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, CEO at Dubai Blockchain Center
  • Davinci Jeremie, developer and founder of Pandora’s wallet
  • Carl Runefelt, the MoonCarl YouTube blogger, cryptocurrency analyst, and influencer
  • Alex Davis, CIO at Tezor Israel
  • Gordon Einstein, Founder of CryptoLaw Partners & More!

The whole list of the speakers can be found at!

Gold & Media Sponsors this year include:


The Rare Antiquities Token

BOT Planet

Tezos & More!

The main topics to be discussed at the summit:

  • Overview of the main NFT use cases
  • Latest updates about DeFi, DAOs, and dApps
  • Crypto asset management companies
  • Global crypto regulations, and others
  • NFT – real use cases: from art to real estate

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