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Big Town Chef NFTs Mint today: All Genesis Chefs will be FREE -
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At 10.30 pm on the 6th June, Big Town Chef sent shockwaves through the Play to Earn ecosystem. At the last minute, their hotly anticipated Genesis Mint was revealed to be a free giveaway rather than a conventional sale. The NFT chefs, vital to play the Metaverse game, will no longer cost users any ETH but will be available for the cost of gas.


Explaining the subterfuge, a spokesperson for the company said:


 “Once we had a community truly committed to the cause and aligned with our vision, we were happy to reveal that the Chef NFT, the key to the game, would in fact be free.”


The buzz generated by the announcement is a boost for the wider vision of the company and makes clear that this project isn’t about short term goals but about creating a new revolutionary game.


For context, The last few months have been a blur of innovations, Twitter Spaces, competitions and sneak peeks. In the lead up to today Big Town Chef have run countless contests and giveaways. They have partnered with some of the most exciting NFT projects and spread the word far and wide; they have been joined by legendary TV chef, Gino D’acampo who has shared cooking challenges to inspire and challenge their community. The Big Town development team built the presale checker to make it easy for anyone to check if they qualify for a presale spot. Their final giveaway, Lucky Stakes gave away a massive 1400 presale spots meaning the most engaged and committed are at the front of the queue to secure their very own Chef NFT.


The presale mint: The free presale mint starts today (Tuesday 7th June) at 2pm (UTC)  and is open for 24 hours. Collectors and players will only have to pay for gas to secure their Genesis Chef NFTs. The official minting page is right here:


In the unlikely event that any spots on the presale list don’t get minted in the 24 hour window, they will be added to the public sale.


The public mint: Entry to the first public sale will be managed by their PREMINT project, and the first Public sale raffle will take place at 2pm UTC on Wednesday, June 15th 2022. People can check if they already qualify for a waitlist spot here: A total of 2,000 guaranteed allowlist spots and 500 waitlist spots will be awarded via an in-built raffle within the PREMINT project.


Further details on how this will work can be found here:



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