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Bitcoin Casinos -
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Bitcoin Casinos have been rapidly growing every year since they first came into play in 2011. The adoption of Bitcoin as a currency for online casinos has dramatically changed the online casino scene. Today nobody wants to pay excessive fees to play online, players want instant action, great games, the best odds, and a transparent system to ensure the casinos are provably fair.

Bitcoin Casinos gives players what they want and more much, however not all Bitcoin Casinos have been created equally. Therefore, you need to be careful and selective in choosing where you play.

What to look for in a Bitcoin Casino?

Below is our list of things that we recommend you look for in a Bitcoin Casino before you deposit any of your coins:

1)   Make sure it has the casino games that you want to play. Are you looking for Blackjack, Roulette, or Baccarat? Do you want to play with other people at the table? Do you want a live dealer?

2)   Make sure it is provably fair. A site that does not have a provably fair system is very risky and should be avoided.

3)   Check out the chat system to make sure there is good customer support.

4)   If there is no customer support at least read the FAQ section first. Take note of the deposit and withdraw requirements in particular. A lot of people complain that a deposit hasn’t arrived or that they cannot withdraw, but most of the time they did not read the FAQ of the site.

5)   Have a look at the casinos feedback on the bitcoin talk forums. Is it negative? Are they responsive to players questions? Have they had any scam accusations? And best of all, are they running any great promotions?

6)   Does the site have an investment option and/or do they prove they have a bankroll big enough to cover player winnings? This is critical as if you have a big win, you need to ensure the site can actually pay you out.

7)   Read reviews of the Bitcoin Casino from a reputable Bitcoin Casino Review site.

8)   Does the site have a faucet where you can test it out with real Bitcoins for free? Most good Bitcoin Casino sites will give free Bitcoins out to Players to try the site.

This is not an all-inclusive list, however, these are the key considerations we believe players should make when choosing a casino to play at.

Top Bitcoin Casinos Today

The three casino sites below have a faucet, are provably fair, have an invest option and/or a validated bankroll, have a good selection of casino games and have a great customer feedback on the bitcoin talk forums:

1)   CryptoGames

2)   Bitcoinvideocasino

3)   FortuneJack

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