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Blockchain Community Platform Coinscrum Celebrates 10th Anniversary; Relaunch Event Announced -
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London — October 26th, 2022 — Coinscrum, the UK’s largest & most respected community platform for the global Bitcoin & Web3 community, has announced the official relaunch and 10 year anniversary of its platform.

Originally created for the emerging Bitcoin community to have a space to share trusted information, Coinscrum has evolved over the past decade to provide a more valuable, insightful, and industry-leading platform that is tailored towards a broader audience that includes pioneering experts and inquisitive newcomers alike. Coinscrum recently went through a rebranding process and successful relaunch of their platform notably their meetups and Meet The Founders podcast series. 


Paul Gordon, Founder of Coinscrum, commented on the relaunch:

“Ten years is a lot in Crypto. Coinscrum is proud to have been part of Bitcoin & Web3’s history that has stood strong since the earliest days of Bitcoin, consistently providing a point-of-truth for the global community since 2012. We are a platform and community hub that aims to educate, provide insights, and stimulate debate around Bitcoin, Web3 & the broader DLT industry, asking the questions to some of the most pressing concerns. It’s quite incredible to look back and see how much the industry has developed over the past 10 years from such small beginnings when people were only just starting to emerge from the few online forums where Bitcoin was being discussed. With our 10th anniversary upon us, and as we finally reboot our physical meetups (post Covid) in 2023 we’re also excited to be teaming up with the production team at Zebu Digital to showcase the talent within our community at”


Harry Horsfall, CEO of Zebu Digital, added:

“We are delighted to be able to support Coinscrum as they celebrate their 10 year anniversary and successful relaunch. Founded in 2012 at a time when Bitcoin was an enigmatic term, known by a few and understood by fewer, Coinscrum provided a pillar of truth in Web3 that continues today. As anyone in the Web3 community knows,  Coinscrum’s formidable reputation for deep subject matter expertise is built on their  philosophy of education & debate over hype, something that resonates with Zebu’s own vision of making a real impact in Web3.”


Key speakers in attendance include:

  • Brett Scott – Author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money (2013) & Cloudmoney: Cash, Cards, Crypto and the War for our Wallets (2022)
  • Charlie Morris – CIO at ByteTree Asset Management
  • John Matonis – the first contributor writing about Bitcoin on and founding director of The Bitcoin Foundation (2012)
  • Paul Gordon – Founder of Coinscrum (2012)
  • Rhian Lewis – Founder of London Women in Bitcoin (2014), Author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution (2020)
  • Richard Brown – Chief Technology Officer at R3 (2015)
  • Robert Sams – Founder and CEO at Clearmatics


About Coinscrum

Coinscrum is the UK’s largest & most respected blockchain community platform that showcases Bitcoin & Web3’s leading pioneers & thought leaders. Coinscrum recently went through a rebranding process that coincided with their 10th anniversary and successful relaunch platform. In a fast-moving world, Coinscrum provides a point-of-truth for the Bitcoin & Web3 community and continues to showcase the best that the  industry has to offer.

About Zebu Digital

Zebu Digital is a full service Web3 marketing and design collective, pooling decades of cumulative experience and expertise to help founders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries turn their ideas into blockchain enterprises. Zebu works with like-minded, driven businesses and entrepreneurs who believe in the promise of the decentralized revolution and are looking for a partner to effect real change.


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