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BONKERS ICO – The Future of Gaming -
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Cryptocurrencies and iGaming combined in one single product! A Vienna-based software company sets out to revolutionize the casino and betting industry. Today sees the possibility to invest in tomorrow‘s iGaming platform.

ICO Details
BONKERS combines the benefits of the crypto world with the newest gaming technology. To fund the project a new token called Bonker (BNKR) has been created, with a total of 418,333,333 being released. The ICO will distribute 70% of the total token supply to the community in four rounds. The soft cap is set at € 2,000,000, the hard cap is € 20,000,000. The Pre-ICO phase is currently in progress, guaranteeing investors a bonus of 35% until 15.04.2018.

A competitive Product ready to go
Bonkers is based on a self-developed and fully operational product which is already in use by our partners. Each month, 30k+ Live and 55k+ Pre-Match events in more than 140 sports as well as over 3,500 casino games are offered, and the range is constantly being expanded. Customers can choose from more than 10 different payment methods (including crypto currencies) and jackpots worth over 10 million euros are waiting to be cracked. For the investor this means: It is not just another idea that consumes the investment during the development process, but Bonkers is ready for the launch!

Experienced Professionals as Driving Force
The Bonkers Crew is made up of specialists, highly trained in software development and online gaming, who share a common vision: To unite the benefits of the crypto world with those of online gaming to become one of the largest brands in the iGaming business. Klaus Walsberger, founding member of Bonkers, on the ambitious goal: “We know the game from every conceivable angle. We understand the mechanisms for successfully connecting players, affiliates, operators, regulators, payment systems, cryptocurrencies and game providers. ” Franz Gerhart, also founding member and CEO, adds: “True to the corporate credo ‘the best technology is the technology that you develop yourself’ Bonkers strives to carry all development processes on its own. The benefits of the Blockchain allow for Bonkers to be built as a community-driven platform.

The Bonkers USPs
The following table shall therefore serve as a short summary to comfort either standpoint and manifest our USPs.

Investors Players
The product is READY to rock and make you EARN money! It is not just another idea eating up your precious investment during the development process. We are ready! Each month our players will enjoy 30k+ live & 55k+ pre-match events, more than 140 sports and over 3.500 casino games. They may choose from more than 10 different payment methods (incl. crypto) and engage in jackpots worth €10m+.
GDPR regulations are being tackled in a very open, sincere and standardized way by implementing an industry backed blockchain powered by the GSA (“Gaming Standards Association”) to satisfy GDRP and AML requirements. Accommodating new Data Protection regulations, users will be given the right to visualize their stored personal data from a company’s perspective as well as the right to be forgotten. This is not just an empty promise standing trial to law enforcement but a tribute to an immutable public blockchain.
Each investor, and only investors, will be granted access to a NetRefer affiliate account, bearing up to 50% on NGR. An experienced team, combination of industry leading products and easy to use / customizable interfaces.
Team tokens are attached to extended holding periods, preventing dilution of value by early selloffs. In-house slot games based on a quantum RNG, settling on a private, yet openly accessible blockchain via a proprietary protocol in real time.
A founding and management team that is here to stay, meaning business and – unlike many competitors – combines experience in all relevant industries crucial to business including but not limited to Casino, Sports Betting, Poker, Crypto Currencies, IT. Modern Facebook based frontend technology is used, allowing decentralized hosting for maximum performance in any part of the world.
The BNKR token will be listed on a public exchange, allowing token holders to conveniently trade this valuable asset.  
BNKR tokens will carry a revenue share on the company´s profits along with them.  
Strategic decisions are based on the advantages of the community and are subject to frequent e-votings which will be held amongst the token holders.  
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