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Complex AI trading algorithms for advanced capital gains -
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Trying to imagine the ideal trading advisor, you see someone with unlimited resources in hands, who avoids the human factor, catching up on activities of other traders, analysts and hedge-fund managers, following all the news, articles and other data. It doesn’t seem to be a human being with all that capabilities. Modern deep learning neural nets give a possibility to have an unlimited access to systems like that, which are ready to give you the solution based on the factors taking place at this very moment on trading market and establish its predictions on the decisions of thousands of professionals.

Some will say that only limited number of market players can afford AI-powered trading robots. However, Mirocana project was developed to prove that everyone can use complex deep-learning technologies in order to increase the funds.

Mirocana is a multi-layered predicting system for stock, currency and crypto-currency markets that uses deep-learning neural nets to analyze all kinds of financial data. It does not take your funds to its accounts, withdraw or transfer them. You will be able to select target annual return that you want the system to achieve, and it will show associated risks. Absolutely free to use for 8 months straight, compensating 25% of the losses in the end this period.

Mirocana consists of three products for stock, currency and crypto-currency markets:

  • As a Stock Market Solution, Mirocana system uses predictions for over 400 companies that are traded on NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges.
  • As a Currency Market Solution, the system predicts 125 currency pairs that are available with OANDA broker.
  • As a Crypto-Currency Solution, it predicts 90 crypto coins that are traded on the Poloniex exchange.
  • You are able to set up a target annual return in your account, the higher you set it, the more risks system will take to achieve it.

The Mirocana engine was developed without any third parties involved, allowing the team to constantly expand the possibilities of the project. The deep-learning neural nets help the system to make predictions using all possible strategies at once, combined with any media mentions and trading news forecasts. Mirocana analyzes tons of cumulated information to give you the best decision that is available at this moment.The system also learns strong and weak sides of human traders based on their experience and then turns it into new strategies. If a particular strategy is no longer performing well – it will be given lower priority in the process of decision-making, so it will not affect the final result.

The team of the project consists of talented developers, data scientists and analysts, who are supported by experts from finance, legal and blockchain industries. The system also attracts a lot of people from all over the world, who is ready to contribute their knowledge and code to increase the accuracy of predictions. Their time and effort will be rewarded by MIRO tokens.

Mirocana is getting ready for a Token Sale to let the project reach as many people interested in trading as possible. Token Sale starts November 19. By buying MIRO tokens on the Token Sale, you are buying an access key to three Mirocana trading solutions. During the Pre-Sale stage, you can get a discount of 5 to 40% off your MIRO order, depending on the amount you are buying.

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