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NXT, BitShares, Waves & Counterparty: Price Speculation

NXT has been doing great against the USD in the last months. Several consecutive upswings brought it above 0.02 USD / NXT. However, reaching these prices brings it closer to a dumping point. June to October charts in 2016 show a 5x rise and fall on NXT. There is a chance of it going all the way to 3300 Satoshi in the months ahead but I doubt it will break 4000 without a major sell-off. My short term speculation brings it to about 1850 and then back down to 1350/1425. It is possible that it will take a dip before seeing upward momentum again, at which point I would call for 1420 and up to 1950. NXT is a popular asset-based currency that could potentially take off, I will be keeping an eye on this one over the next few months due to its strong support against fiat currencies.


BitShares is a platform designed to follow “stable currencies” such as the USD, CNY and Silver & Gold spot prices. The currencies come in the form of bitUSD or BitSilver and can be traded on the BitShares trading platform.

Speculation: I anticipate BTS to drop down to 900 and possibly 775 in the coming days. The charts show a nice upward trend, so I expect it to bounce to 1150 but no further than 1400. If BTS breaks and maintains the 1400 mark, supporters of the project could expect a hike to 2400 to 3000 Satoshi / BTS.


The Waves Platform is a decentralized currency exchange that operates on a blockchain. In essence, it forms a trustless trading platform through matcher-nodes as opposed to keeping your funds on a centralized exchange. Waves is also capable of creating asset tokens, which are exchangeable within the platform.

At the time of writing, Waves went from 37000 to the 44000 range. I anticipate it to keep going on an uptrend; even if prices drop back to the 33000 mark, Waves shows strong support. With a new unique asset coming out on the Waves platform: Encryptotel, it could significantly increase its popularity and bring it to the major exchanges. A slow and steady climb could make this a valuable crypto asset to have in a diversified portfolio. Short term trading swings are hardly worth the profits, it would be best to set some orders and check periodically. I would consider 32500 as a buy, while 37000 would be an expensive purchase order.


CounterParty has been around since early 2014 and is the first crypto currency to offer a decentralized exchange platform (DEX). Assets can be created and traded on this exchange but are not limited to do so. Some examples of XCP assets are PepeCash and ColliderCoins.

Price speculation: Trading on the XCP DEX is quite cumbersome in terms of fees and order placement, so my outlook is not very optimistic. Currently, XCP is on a downtrend struggling to stay above 0.003 and may continue to fall to 0.0027, at which there could be a small spike to around 0.0034. I don’t anticipate XCP to take off without major advertising and upgrading.



Markets can be volatile and swings in either direction can occur without warning. Never trade without doing your own research and analysis. This text should serve as an example, not a guide.

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2 thoughts on “Crypto Trading Platforms: Price Speculation”
  1. Keep up the speculations you’re doing great 😛

    I don’t trade these coins but might get some bitshares now that you mention them

    1. it’d be safe to assume that markets would have a nice chance to built on the market’s sentiment for positive developments.

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