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DeepBrain Chain partners up with Columbia University’s very own Columbia Blockchain Lab

On November 30th 2017, DeepBrain Chain got invited by Columbia University to speak about their AI computing platform that will be built on NEO. The speech, presented by CEO of DeepBrain Chain, Yong He covers multiple subjects such as the project itself, future of blockchain, and how blockchain is bringing east and west together.

Columbia University, being one of the top Ivy League university has always been ahead of the curve in the field blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. They also have a lab specifically for blockchain, called Columbia Blockchain Lab, and they provide whitepaper and advisory services to interesting projects such as DeepBrain Chain.

During the speech DeepBrain Chain’s CEO Yong He mentioned that DeepBrain Chain will be the world’s first to integrate artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. It aims to solve two problems in the AI industry; reducing computing cost and protecting the privacy of data. DeepBrain Chain has formed a strategic partnership with Columbia Blockchain Lab to further along Deepbrain Chain’s influence in the western world.

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