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Istanbul, Turkey, 3rd December, 2021, Chainwire

The InstantXRP  team has announced the start of a pre-sale of the project’s native token, InstantXRP, on the PinkSale platform, which requires a white-list application.

InstantXRP developers intend to redefine the value of reflection tokens by continuing to innovate and add utility far beyond the original roadmap.InstantXRP provides its holders with rewards for betting in the form of XRP tokens, a popular cryptocurrency known for innovation and stability. The annual yield is 12%.

InstantXRP’s tokenomics make the project as affordable and profitable as possible for all types of investors. 

12% of each Buy/Sell transaction is redistributed among all holders. 

2% of each Buy/ Sell transaction is added to the liquidity pool at Pancakeswap to create a price floor for the token. This provides investors with confidence in the project.

1% of each Buy/ Sell transaction goes to marketing to promote InstantXRP programs and reward a loyal community. The more actively the project conducts its marketing, the more stable is the growth of the project’s native token

InstantXRP targets growth in industries such as gaming, media and e-commerce in the blockchain space with a platform that takes full advantage of Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The InstantXRP platform will provide services such as:

  • Instant Swap: XRP can be used to facilitate the exchange of one currency for another. Instead of holding different currencies, investors can hold InstantXRP and swap currencies with lower fees. The launch is scheduled for 2022.
  • Instant Pay: Instant Pay will be available worldwide and will be decentralized. The service will have instant transactions and built-in security. The launch is scheduled for 2022.
  • Instant NFT and Instant Gaming. Investors will receive passive profits from both the gaming service and the NFT marketplace for keeping InstantXRP. The launch is scheduled for 2022.

About InstantXRP:

InstantXRP is a project based on Binance Smart Chain that pays dividends to its holders in $XRP token. Thanks to BSC, the project conducts cryptocurrency transactions in an efficient and secure network. XRP as a reward was chosen to support the environment – it is one of the most environmentally friendly currencies in the crypto market, with plans to reduce carbon emissions to a minimum by 2030.

If you are interested in this project, you can participate in a pre-sale on PinkSale. by filling out a white paper application. 

Learn more about the project:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/InstantXrp
Telegram – https://t.me/joininstant65
Website: https://instantxrp.finance 


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