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MiningMovement is the premium proof of capacity service provider. Through years of experience, a broad range of IT knowledge and a variety of dealer connections, Mining Movement provides its community with PoC mining through hard disk storage. This is probably the revolution of mining nowadays, since almost everyone wants to hop on this trend. MiningMovement faces the drawbacks that ordinary PoW mining brings with it, and is successfully filling a huge market gap.

Traditional PoW mining has started the trend of generating crypto currencies through computing power. However, since the demand has grown so much that most of the time there was no hardware available, the waiting times have been so long and the customers have not gotten the mining results they have imagined. MiningMovement can bring this solution and is currently making itself a strong name in the industry.

They offer a mining method that is lucrative, simple, cheap and energy efficient. This works by specializing in the mining of PoC coins such as BURST Coin, which is powered by the power of conventional disk space. This is possible by using their many years of existing dealer connections and thus providing their community with the best products.

This means that you will be provided with reliable mining results every single day. Handling is extremely easy and safe. You choose an appealing package, decide whether you want to insure this even more, look at the composition of your package, pay and will be supplied directly after the implementation with your income. Hard drives that are used for mining must be plotted using very powerful computers that limit the plotting process to a couple of hours depending on the package and the number of terabytes. When this process is completed, you will receive immediate income. But do not worry, normally MiningMovement always has enough hardware ready for its community. Furthermore, the commission is offered a commission for recommending MiningMovement products.

Now the company is getting ready for their official pre-sale, which will start on July 1st, 2018 and lasts for 1 week.

In this Pre-sale the coveted Mining products, which are made available to the customer in the form of finished packages, are sold. There are 182 packages totaling $ 1 million available at this time. Once this huge volume of TB has been sold, MiningMovement will come back with new hardware and provide its customers with new packages. In a long preparatory phase, a lot of storage space was plotted to start mining.

The packages provided by MiningMovement are available in all sizes and types and there is certainly something for every customer. From a start with a test package worth $ 100 to a pro package worth $ 100,000, everything is available. The customer is advised that at the price of his package, the electricity costs for 1 year must be added. Optionally, insurance can be taken out in order to be best protected against technical failure despite the longevity of the products.

The delivery of the first mining revenues can take a little time, because the devices must first be allocated to the right wallet in the correct number of storage. Once this happens, the first returns will be delivered in approximately 3 days. If this waiting time is too long, there is the possibility to request an express delivery guaranteeing delivery of the first returns within 48 hours.

The packages of MiningMovement divide in the following sizes:

1 TB, 8TB, 24TB, 75TB, 527TB, 1.099TB

It is important to understand that MiningMovement’s Pre Sale is limited to 182 packages in the first week. More are not sold at first! It is therefore important to be fast and secure the packages as quickly as possible in order to build up a lucrative PoS mining for yourself.

In summary, it can be said that the mining of cryptocurrencies can be very lucrative. Presumably, the future of mining will no longer be PoW mining, as it becomes increasingly difficult and electricity costs are enormous. MiningMovement has so far offered the best solution for the Proof of Capacity mining and is your premium service PoC provider. MiningMovement presents with a realistic calculation of your options and the implementation will be taken over in all aspects. The only thing you have to do is pick your package and profit from your earnings.

Get all the information you need in the official MiningMovement Explainer Video:

and on the website: https://miningmovement.com

Make a decision now and join the Movement!

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