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Pre-registration of APENFT Marketplace is Live! -
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Singapore, Singapore, 21st December, 2021,

APENFT Foundation has announced that its APENFT Marketplace pre-registration event ( has officially opened. Users can now participate in pre-registration for token and NFT airdrops with a total value of 1 million U.S. dollars.

APENFT  Marketplace is supported by the underlying technology of world-renowned public chain TRON combined with the world’s largest distributed data storage system BitTorrent, based on NFT transactions. This pre-registration event will issue 10,000 limited-edition NFT cards to participating users. Holders of NFT cards will be eligible to participate in the whitelist of the trading platform, as well as recommend artists, popular NFT projects, or well-known IPs, and receive bonuses and other rights. The prizes include 10000 Exclusive NFT VIP Cards Giveaway and up to $1,000,000 Tokens+Famous NFTs Airdrop. 

Invite Friends, Enjoy Extra Airdrop+Commission

Registration method: users submit their own email account

Website address:

About APENFT Foundation

APENFT is backed by the underlying technology of top-notch blockchains Ethereum and TRON with support from the world’s largest distributed storage system BitTorrent File System (BTFS). It is committed to delivering the mission of registering world-class artworks as NFTs on the blockchain, bringing outstanding artists worldwide and blockchain together, and supporting native NFT artists in the crypto world. 

Like how blockchain democratizes finance like never before, APENFT, by turning top artists and art pieces into NFTs, not only upgrades the way artworks are hosted but also transforms them from being elite-exclusive items to something that truly belongs to the people and mirrors their aspirations. APENFT is the art for everyone.

  • Sem Xu

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