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GridCoin: Since the rise of Alt-coins in March, GRC floor prices are increasing at a rate of about 50 Satoshi / week. With pressure building at 1000, a wild swing could bring it all the way up to 2600 and easily to 1980. While the market competes for popularity, GRC is still a buy at 900 and lower. There is a possibility of it taking a dip to 650 (buy more), but a sustainable price of 1150 to 1400 is possible for the month(s) ahead.

CureCoin, a similar crypto currency, recently experienced increased trading volume from the Dash pump. It has a very low market cap and a very low trading volume. The single focus of protein folding makes it vulnerable to loss of interest by the crypto community. I anticipate the current floor price to start dropping back down to the 4300 mark, and eventually 3800 and lower. Fluctuations of 20% and low volume makes this coin a risky investment.

PrimeCoin is an interesting crypto currency to follow. Although it’s market cap is lower than GRC and CURE, XPM offers prime number discovery in its algorithm. Prime numbers are of interest to the broad scientific community, including crypto currencies.

Holding steady at 3500 to 4000 in early March, XPM‘s volume is proportionally distributed between USD and CNY markets. Gains on PrimeCoin in the last month are in the magnitude of 5x. Such jumps usually follow a pattern of: raising the floor, which goes for a downtrend, and then spike at the halfway mark of the last climb. For example, XPM could go as low as 10000 and then bump to 13450 ~ 15750, to finally settle below the new floor and repeat this pattern. Such trends are common and are an easy 35% ROI.

As with all trades, one should always do their own research and take my advice as an example, not a guide.

GridCoin uses BOINC, a research platform operating since 2002.

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One thought on “Science Coins: Price Speculation”
  1. Thanks for the info on these coins that I didn’t know of 😛 (Except GRC)
    I’ll keep an eye on them from now on.

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