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Shatterpoint Ambassador Program Update: Over $500k in rewards allocated so far! -
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  • Shatterpoint is an up-and-coming action RPG for mobile on the Polygon Blockchain
  • Three types of Ambassadors – contributors,  creators & influencers
  • Over half a million dollars issued in $SHA token allocations 

03/08/2022 – London – Shatterpoint, the upcoming mobile game that aims to bridge web2 gamers to web3 via the Polygon Blockchain, is seeking more ambassadors for its upcoming launch.

To date, over 14 million of the presale $SHA tokens have been allocated to Shatterpoint community ambassadors, with a real-world value of over $550,000 dollars.

The Shatterpoint Ambassador program promotes high-quality content and engagement for the burgeoning web3 gamer community and is an ongoing initiative for enthusiasts who are genuinely passionate about and dedicated to the future of Shatterpoint!

Participation in the program will offer exclusive insights into the game project, $SHA tokens, and whitelist spots.

Interested applicants can apply here or keep reading to find out more about the program goals and incentives. The three types of Ambassador are:

Shatterpoint Contributors:

  • Helpful to other users, highly engaged in all Shatterpoint Discord channels;
  • Available to regularly dedicate some time to planned or ad-hoc Shatterpoint promotional activities;
  • Enthusiastic about Shatterpoint and want to spread the word about the project.

Shatterpoint Creators: 

  • Create & publish high-quality audio-visual Shatterpoint-related content on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, streams on Twitch, etc;
  • Blog or forum posts/publications about Shatterpoint;
  • Shatterpoint fan art, high-quality memes, emojis, GIFs, etc.

Shatterpoint Influencers:

  • Enthusiastic about GameFi, Blockchain & mobile gaming space;
  • Highly active & highly engaged, comment & share our content;
  • Interested in exclusive information, giveaways, leaks, and sneak peeks about top GameFi projects.

Rewards include but are not limited to:

  • Shatterpoint Hero NFT Whitelist spots
  • $SHA Tokens
  • Additional bonuses for top-performing Ambassadors!

More information on the application process, disqualification criteria and general guidelines along with an FAQ can be found on the Shatterpoint Medium.


Press enquiries:


About Shatterpoint:


Shatterpoint is an upcoming free to play, play & own mobile game on the Polygon blockchain that rewards player skill by combining traditional action roleplaying game mechanics with a web3 ecosystem.

Join the Shatterpoint Discord to stay up to date on new announcements, get exclusive content and be the first to hear of competitions and awesome prizes.


About Block Games:


Block Games is forging the new frontier of mobile games by combining them with the technology of the blockchain. Shatterpoint will be their first release, in partnership with Estoty, a leading developer of mobile games with over 1.5bn downloads.


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