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Instagram’s NFT Feature Now Available 100 More Countries; Coinbase, Dapper & Flow Wallets Added -
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Facebook, now Meta, was one of the first large technology companies to support and enforce crypto, although its previous attempts of introducing the Libra cryptocurrency ended in failure, today, Facebook-owned Instagram has announced the rollout of anNFT feature to over 100 more countries.


Facebook has historically faced a great deal of criticism for the way they have  managed personal data, with such traits heavily critiqued by the crypto community. Despite the previous disappointments in blockchain, Meta-owned Instagram has just announced an introduction of its NFT feature to 100 more countries, as well as Coinbase Wallet, Flow blockchain & Dapper Wallet support.


Back in July, Instagram’s NFT feature was available only to some users in the US, but today, creators in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the remaining Americas already have access to it. Supported by leading decentralised networks Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow, the Instagram NFT marketplace requires users to connect their wallets to start participating.


The currently supported wallets include Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, TrustWallet, Dapper Wallet, and Rainbow. With this wide variety of Web3 services, most users should be able to access the NFT features seamlessly, but is there much interest from the photo-sharing network community itself?


Although the Meta company has been constantly attempting to dominate decentralised markets, audiences across the globe have not grown friendly with the idea of Facebook or Instagram being user-freedom focused.


This is confirmed by the fact that nearly 80% of people want Facebook to have nothing to do with Metaverses or blockchain in general. Surveys show that people are aware of how multi-billion-dollar corporations try to get their hands on the latest thing, and oftentimes turn it into something impure.


Despite this, Meta is putting a lot of effort into accelerating its influence in the crypto market, which is shown by the 5 new crypto payments-related trademarks that were filed by Meta on just May 13th, 2022.


Meta noted in the announcement:


“We collect and organize public data from open blockchains, such as Ethereum, to provide this feature. From this public blockchain data, we can only identify which collectibles belong to collectors and creators when they connect their third-party wallets to Instagram.”


So far, the road has been quite bumpy for Meta and its initiatives in the blockchain space. However, their recent efforts have shown that the company is willing to go an extra mile to serve its users with the help of cutting-edge wallets and blockchain networks. It will be intriguing to see what fruits these efforts will bear in the future and what this means for global adoption going forward.

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