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SparkWorld* has partnered with Kalao to offer our community Banksy x Particle NFTs! -
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We’re delighted to announce we’ve partnered with none other than Kalao, one of the industry’s leading NFT marketplace, not only to push new paradigms in buying, selling, and trading NFTs, but also to introduce you to Fair Prediction Competitions!


SparkWorld* and Kalao are inviting you to participate in one of our first Fair Prediction Competition to buy 10 NFTs from the Particle x Banksy collection. 


The collection with items to be won is titled “Love Is In The Air” – a series of 10,000 NFTs, representing fractional ownership of the famous Banksy artwork which Particle purchased from Sothebys for $12.9 million. 


The first installment of these NFTs offered on Kalao were a huge success, with the drop quickly selling out; Kalao have just released 100 NFTs and sold 55 already – 45 pieces remain, in addition to a reserve of 10 that is kept in a different wallet!


The Fair Prediction Competition


During our Fair Prediction Competition, enthusiasts are invited to predict what the floor price of the “Love Is In The Air” collection will be on Friday, May 20th, Midday UTC. 


10 guaranteed whitelist spots will be given to participants who come the closest to predicting the collection’s floor price by Midday UTC on Wednesday 18th of May; i.e, entrants need to predict by Wednesday 18th May (the point when the comp entries close) what the collection’s floor price will be on that coming Friday, 20th May.


To take part in this innovative event and be in with a chance of securing a highly sought after Particle x Banksy NFT, you can enter the prediction event by filling in this form: 


Entries will close at Midday UTC on Wednesday, May 18th, with the entrants who come closest to predicting what the floor price of the collection will be at Midday UTC on Friday 20th May receiving a guaranteed Whitelist spot for the Banksy x Particle mint! Winners will be announced by 5pm UTC on the same Friday, May 20th. Good luck all! 


The Particle Collection


The Particle NFT Collection “Love Is In The Air” is a masterpiece that epitomizes the unparalleled creative insurgency of Banksy’s oeuvre. Characterised by its recognisable subject, graphic force and visual directness, this iconic work has helped cement Banksy’s place as an a decisive political gadfly for our time.


Particle acquired the piece at auction on 5/13/2021 and the work was subsequently donated to the non-profit Particle Foundation where the piece will remain in perpetuity. 

Love is in the Air is the first piece offered by Particle representing a peaceful revolution, changing the narrative of ownership, and enabling anyone to collect, experience, and enjoy the masterpiece.


Moreover, this collection reintroduces access to art for regular people – whilst the art industry has been in an elitist trend for some time, through fractionalised NFTs anyone is now able to see, purchase, and trade the finest pieces of art from anywhere in the world. 


More About Kalao


Kalao aims to become the best NFT marketplace in the space by introducing top-notch user experience and user interface, along with innovative & unique features. The marketplace aside, Kalao is dedicated to delivering a complete open Metaverse world called The Citadel that comes on top of Kalao’s own virtual galleries. 


Kalao hosts its v2 staking mechanism, allowing anyone to jump aboard and earn rewards by using the protocol or depositing tokens. In addition, Kalao offers a farming option through Pangolin.  


The cutting-edge marketplace is also a host of a downloadable desktop program for Mac and Windows built for the ultimate metaverse experience and loaded with NFT features. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to immerse themselves in a plug-and-play virtual experience no matter what platform they use, and even non-virtual experiences are more than exciting on Kalao.


Your Invitation


Jolyon Layard Horsfall, Co-CEO at SparkWorld* and Web3 entrepreneur, was excited to share his thoughts both on the partnership and the upcoming competition: “We could not be more excited about joining forces with Kalao to produce never-ending fun and rewards for everyone involved in the entire NFT ecosystem. Usually, collaborations start relatively softly, but this time, we  want to immediately invite everyone to predict the outcomes of NFT collections’ and get rewarded with whitelisting spots – and we are just getting started”


Hassan Benahmed, CEO of Kalao, was as excited about the partnership and stated: “SparkWord* is an exciting new participant within the Avax NFT space, and the team has a clear vision of where the project is going and what industry challenges they’re seeking to solve. We at Kalao can deeply relate to its strong efforts to build a more fair and accessible ecosystem. With that, we are happy to welcome our community to join this Fair Prediction Competition!”


Prepare your browsers for conducting some research on NFT collections’ floor prices and get ready to start predicting May 11th’s outcomes of the “Love Is In The Air” collection that lives on the Kalao NFT metaverse marketplace!


Follow both SparkWorld* and Kalao on their socials to stay updated on the further developments of this and other upcoming Fair Prediction Competitions.

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