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Successful ICO Roundup - First Week of October -
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Welcome to October’s successful ICO roundup series where we bring you the success stories of every week throughout the month. Today, we will be looking at projects that have successfully completed their fundraisers in the first week of October.

We created and completed a series in September and people were enjoying the content, and most importantly were vocal about it by sharing it on social media. We appreciate every one of you that supported us with your opinion by taking positive action to show that you like the content. We don’t want to create content that you find boring and unuseful, so if you do enjoy this article, shout out in the comments, share it on Twitter or Facebook or at the very least give us a like!

Before we get into the content, for those of you that still haven’t scrolled down yet, we are taking it a step further by actually reaching out directly to all of the ICOs that are scheduled to end in this past week. Last month there were many projects that had inconclusive information, so talking with their admins are helping us find out more. Since we rely on ICOBench to discover and filter through the projects it’s surprising to find out that many of them change the conditions without updating their ICO tracking information.

With that let’s review what we’ve got in the bag for the first week, starting from the lowest capital gains to the maximum.


Amount raised – $3.5 million

Leveraging the power of IBM’s AI engine Watson WatermelonBlock wants to create the world’s most efficient market sentiment calculation tool. The way it will work is by scraping the millions of daily posts, videos, and other content published on the internet and use that to provide a score to individual projects in real-time.

If everything works out they can become a direct competitor to information brokers such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, or simply leverage their platform for their needs. Regardless of the outcome, a tool like this will provide the entire marketplace with relevant information regarding their chosen project of interest.

Crypto and blockchain enthusiasts can discover what is the most popular project around whenever they are looking for something new, and Watermelon can provide them with relevant information generated through the consumption of millions of individual pieces of relevant content, whether it be created by experts or other community members.

Investors can easily find out the sentiment of their investments and adjust them accordingly. It will provide them with another layer on top of technical asset analysis and current market prediction strategies.

Project leaders get the largest benefits, and they come in the form of clarity and awareness. One of the most difficult aspects of leadership is the ability to objectively see how the market is treating your project/product/service. Leaders are emotionally tied to what they are creating, and they need this to overpass the initial resistance that their ideas will undoubtedly come across. They can use Watermelon to monitor their progress and also the results they are getting from marketing and public relations.


Amount Raised – $17 million

This infrastructure platform wants to provide the ecosystem with efficient and practically infinite data storage. They are going to be a data storage provider for Dapps and enable them to use their services in exchange for the LAMB token.

The features that the infrastructure promises to provide:

  • Multi-chain data co-storage
  • Cross-chain data management
  • Data privacy protection
  • Provable data possession
  • Distributed intelligent computing

All in all, there are many promises that the project makes, and considering the fact that they raised $17 million (out of which $15 million is from private sale) means that there are investors there that see the value and find the project’s promise attractive.

Dapps will find a new partner in the field of scalability and data storage with Lambda and their thousands of features, of course, if the project is a success and the infrastructure is deployed correctly and precisely. After all, ICO success does not mean the total project’s success, and the long road has just begun for Lambda.

W Green Pay

Amount Raised – $400 Million

One of the rare government-supported projects which are in existence. The WGP token is an ERC20 implementation that uses the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate the public’s involvement in the reduction of greenhouse gasses. They will incentivize citizens to undertake positive action toward fulfilling these goals through the HOOXI app.

The HOOXI app is going to be used to track and aggregate the data that correlates to the reduction of these gasses and the foundation that leads the project (W-Foundation) will allocate Korean Offset Credit (KOC). KOC is a carbon emission unit which is publicly traded on the Korean market. Through HOOXI, the trading of these units will be open to individuals surpassing the usual barrier to entry reserved for corporations and institutions.

The platform will enable all individuals to directly partake in carbon emission reduction activities and if this project ends up being extremely effective it will provide the foundation for a better, cleaner future for Korea, and eventually humanity.


The first week of October sees a lot of delays and ICOs literally giving up, but not these three champions which have fought to attract the necessary audience and generate the capital to run their operations.

The total capital gains of this week’s winners are $420.5 million which is an amazing figure to look at, and the most impressive part is that the majority of this amount comes from the South Korean blockchain startup W Green Pay. Congratulations to them and the team, as well as the South Korean government for supporting their project.

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By Zoran Spirkovski

Zoran Spirkovski is a freelance journalist, brand strategist, and author published by CryptoBriefing, BeInCrypto, CryptoNewsNet, and NewsBlockchain. He writes about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, branding, marketing, and productivity, and other stories that brew up in his mind. He writes a daily blog about the same topics at and he regularly contributes to freelance discussion groups.

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