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Jubiter – a company that specializes in buying/selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies has recently gained popularity among the cryptocurrency community from all over the world. The service launched earlier this year with the goal of making cryptocurrency as widely-accessible as possible and introduce it to more people. On Jubiter.com users can buy, sell, and securely store Bitcoins and altcoins. Moreover, the service features a crypto to crypto exchange, a secure offline wallet, and a Bitcoin debit card which makes buying goods and services with Bitcoin very easy and instantaneous. The Jubiter team is dedicated to making a solid contribution to the blockchain revolution with their service.

Jubiter allows users to buy Bitcoins in just a few short steps. Registered clients can buy Bitcoins by using their credit card. Just point and click the amount of money you want to spend. No deposits are needed for the purchase.

You can find out more on how to purchase Bitcoins on the official page of Jubiter: https://app.jubiter.com/neworder/buy.

The Jubiter app allows users to also get access to their wallets wherever they are. Not just that but with the Bitcoin debit card, the clients’ money is at their disposal whenever they need it.

Security and Customer Service are two other major points that keep attracting Bitcoin enthusiasts from all over the world to Jubiter.

Jubiter blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange takes pride in being one of the most secure in the world due to the implementation of log-in guard, two-factor authentication, identity protection, cold storage of digital assets, and the highest data encryption standards available.

Finally, Jubiter has employed a professional customer service team that is available to answer the questions of every client. From Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to Midnight EST, the Jubiter team is ready to assist people via: Phone (TOLL FREE), Live chat, e-mail or social media. The official Facebook page of Jubiter is https://www.facebook.com/Jubitercom and is one of the places where users can reach out to Jubiter.

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