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UTN tokens by Universa project have sparked enormous interest where they were offered as a part of inter-project token swap (IpTS). The number of applications for tokens more than 5 times exceeded the supply, with the swap lasting for just 4 days (from 6 till 9 of November). The holders of ICOS tokens had an opportunity to get Universa digital assets at a better exchange rate of 1 to 4 (or with 75% discount) and were so delighted with such offer that even asked to prolong this offer under the IpTS programme.

“Certainly it is a great pleasure for us that exchange for UTN tokens has aroused such an interest. It means that we are doing a huge story and are moving in the right direction. We are happy to cooperate with ICOBox within the inter-project token swap programme. That is a good opportunity for us to attract more potential users of the system we are developing, as well as for the users to benefit from the innovations provided by our company,” commented Alexander Borodich, founder and president of Universa.

UTN tokens can be used for any operation within the scope of Universa system. For example for paying for transaction, licences for master-nodes and other services.

Despite the fact that the exchange of UTN tokens within the IpTS program was completed, UTN tokens will still be available for purchase during the Universa ICO, which will last until December 9. At the current exchange rate, the price of one UTN token is $ 0.011 ($ 0.0115, starting November 18), but by the end of the initial offering program, the price for one cryptocurrency unit will gradually increase up to $ 0.0125.

By the way, it is not for the first time that Universa is causing an excitement in the market of cryptocurrencies. On October 28, the day of the ICO launch, the project attracted more than $ 10 million for only the first three hours. The company’s goal is to raise $100 million. The collected funds are to be spent on the protocol development, the creation of the Universa fund for investing in the blockchain based businesses, marketing, legal issues and other purposes.

Universa is a Russian protocol and a blockchain platform, that created to build business applications aimed at solving problems in the real sector of the economy (for example, contracting, providing services, managing ownership, issuing national or corporate crypto-currencies). As the creators of the platform note, its main advantages over competitors are the speed of operations (Universa allows to conduct 22 thousand operations per second), low cost of services and reliable crypto protection. For comparison, Universa works 100 times faster, and its transactions cost 1000 times cheaper than a similar bitcoin blockchain. In addition, the platform provides extensive opportunities for using tokens – from electronic access keys, bus tickets and gift certificates to direct settlements between banks.

Interproject Token Swap or IpTS technology is an absolutely new and unique service which was developed and offered for its clients by the ICOBox company, which is the leading supplier of “box” solutions for holding ICO campaigns on fixed price. The instrument was developed after the users of the ICOS platform, most of whom are professional token holders, paid their attention to it. The meaning of the IpTS is creating mutual exchange of digital assets between ICOS token holders and new projects. Thus, the ICOS platform users have larger access to tokens of new and often promising start-ups.

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