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Vaultbank is excited to announce three incredible additions to the company’s Board of Directors -
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Vaultbank is excited to announce three incredible additions to the company’s Board of Directors, shortly before its upcoming ICO. The team is now stronger than ever with this additional blockchain, payment processing and high level asset acquisition and management expertise. Vaultbank would like to give them all a warm welcome. They are namely CJ MacDonald, Founder of Blockchain company Gyft (acquired by First Data); Ken Kroner, former CIO at BlackRock, and Keri Findley, Former Partner and Chief Credit Officer at Third Point.

CJ has over 15 years experience in launching early stage startups and has held various executive leadership roles. He has demonstrated an exceptional ability throughout his career to bring innovative products to market, attract large clients and deliver rapid sales expansion. Prior to co-founding Gyft (Acquired by First Data), CJ led Sales and Business Development initiatives at Luminate (Acquired by Yahoo) and Liveops.

Dr. Kroner is the former CIO and global head of Multi-Asset Strategies of BlackRock’s Scientific Active Equity division. He serves as a member of the Global Executive Committee and the Global Operating Committee. His service with the firm started in 1994 at Barclays Global Investors (BGI), which merged with BlackRock in 2009. At BGI, he served as head of the Global Market Strategies Group, head of the Hedge Fund Management Group and co-head of the Client Solutions Group.

Keri ran a $15B hedge fund. During her time at Third Point, her focus was on distressed investment opportunities, particularly distressed financial securities and mortgage securities.

These three financial and technology veterans taking on roles on the Vaultbank Board will help innovate the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence, and will aid in Vaultbank’s path to success.

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