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Wasted Talent strikes deal with Token||Traxx as music NFTs are set for the mainstream -
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Wasted Talent strikes deal with Token||Traxx, furthering its imprint on the music industry as music NFTs are set for the mainstream

A major media partnership has been announced this week between a global music and lifestyle brand and a new, independent music creator economy which signifies a seismic paradigm shift for the music marketplace.

Wasted Talent, a global network of music and lifestyle media brands which in MIXMAG, KERRANG! and THE FACE includes some of the biggest and most influential music, culture and entertainment platforms, has partnered with Token||Traxx™.

Token||Traxx is a new marketplace that redefines and enhances the value of music, by supporting and financially benefiting the entire music community using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) technology.

The alliance is driven by shared audiences, aligned incentives and mutual empowerment which come together to capitalise on the new economies which are emerging through media, music and decentralised finance.

“Token||Traxx is delighted to join forces with the exceptional media powerhouse and creative agency in Wasted Talent and their multi-faceted services,” declared Tim Gentry, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Token||Traxx and formerly a global revenue director at the Guardian.

“Their close links to the music industry will allow us to grow our talent roster, develop relationships and build trust with the community.  At this early stage for Token||Traxx, it is fantastic to work closely with the exceptional team at Wasted Talent who truly get our brand and share our mission.” added Gentry.

Jason Gonsalves, managing partner of Wasted Talent Studios, added: “Working with Token ||Traxx is a unique opportunity for Wasted Talent to be part of innovating, experimenting and building something meaningful with NFT’s that genuinely enriches culture by connecting the most creative and forward thinking artists with their communities of fans. 

“Right now, Web3 has all the energy of a gold rush -but Token||Traxx come at this new frontier from the point of view of artists who want to support creative freedom in music, not just to make a quick buck. That’s what excites us.”

The elements of the partnership include Wasted Talent supporting the launch of the Token||Traxx marketplace with creative agency services including brand development and video production, activation across the Wasted Talent portfolio of The Face, MixMag and Kerrang, as well as assisting in talent onboarding. The agency will also oversee the creative development of Token||Traxx™ soon-to-be-released NFTs.

In return, Token||Traxx will provide Wasted Talent with access to all the benefits of the platform, including exposure to its growing talent roster and exclusive content as the brand continues to grow. In addition, Wasted Talent will receive preferential terms on the Token||Traxx marketplace for NFTs minted by introduced artists and TRAXX tokens. 



Token Traxx Music Limited is not a regulated entity. Ownership of the tokens carries considerable risk and should not be contemplated by anyone who does not have specific knowledge of the use, purpose and transmission of tokens. This Press notification is not an offer to sell or promote the sale of tokens. Token Traxx tokens will be unregulated and will not be sold as an investment. The sale of tokens when it occurs will be subject to satisfactory compliance with all laws and regulations relating thereto and to purchasers entering binding contractual terms. The use of the Token Traxx platform and participation in the marketplace and use of the Token Traxx token to engage with the functionality provided by the platform and marketplace will be subject to separate terms and conditions.

Token||Traxx™ is the Trading Name of Token Traxx Music Limited registered in England under Number 13753129

For further Press information:

Anthony Burr, Token||Traxx:  Tel: +44 7766 459 469

About TokenIITraxx

TokenIITraxx has a mission is to be at the centre of a new independent music creator economy, providing a platform driven by NFTs, that redefines and enhances the value of music, which supports and financially benefits the whole community.

TokenIITraxx celebrates and rewards the unique symbiosis of ‘The 3C’s – Music’s Creators, Curators and Collectors’ and their specialist contribution to the discovery and adoption of global music engagement.

TokenIITraxx offers financial independence and creative freedom. For more information, visit

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