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Top 10 Crypto, DeFi, and NFT Conferences of 2022 -
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Top 10 Crypto Conferences 2022 - Ashton Barger

Hello world!

I’m Ashton, and I’ll be your guide to the biggest events in crypto this year, reporting live from Crypto-News. I’ve been a crypto fanatic and serial conference-goer since late 2017. This year, I’ll be attending at least one event a month to get all the latest news and views from the cryptosphere.

After 2 years of endless virtual zoom conferences, I’m sure you’re just itching to travel and network IRL like I am!

My goal is to save you time and money by bringing you context, relevance and insight on the top crypto conferences of the year. This list consists of conferences I’ve either been to or only heard great things about. They are all multi-day blockchain events with a multitude of side parties that you could spend a week attending.

There are a few major themes that will define and dominate the narrative this year. Whilst we won’t be able to avoid some FUD thanks to regulations, mining crackdowns and whatnot, I’m more bullish and excited than ever for this year in crypto and the crazy in-person gatherings it will bring.

We’ll see major protocols organizing their first or second events of grand scale dedicated to their ecosystems (think Algorand, Avalanche, Solana, NEAR, Cosmos, etc). Also, more NFT communities hosting bigger and crazier NFT-gated meetups (like the BAYC events). Heck, we might even see our first big DAO conference!

Expect records of in-person attendees broken all over again as the masses flock to these extravagant events seeking financial independence, joy and communion with like-minded souls. We’ll almost be back to where we started before COVID-19. With that being said, be sure to stay safe out there! If you’re not feeling well, just stay home and join from the Metaverse!


Top 10 Crypto, DeFi, and NFT Events of 2022 (in order of dates):

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1) ETH Denver – Feb 11-20

Taking place February in Colorado, ETH Denver is the largest and longest-running Ethereum Hackathon / Conference. It is where countless founders of future unicorns will meet, ideas will turn into code, and next-gen protocols will be built from scratch. I’m expecting to see the top minds and Solidity developers in the world flood Denver for a week.

This free event’s theme is “The Year Of The GWEI” and I couldn’t be more excited about it and the Breckenridge ski retreat afterwards. Networking while shredding down mountains? Yes, please, more of that.


2) WOW Summit – March 13-16

WOW Summit Dubai and CryptoNews

In just its second year, WOW Summit has quickly become one of the biggest and most exciting Web 3 experiences of the GCC region, featuring a mind-blowing NFT expo. WOW Summit Dubai will connect global DeFi and NFT tech visionaries, investors, and developers, along with leaders from international businesses and government authorities.

This is not one to miss, especially if you’ve always wanted to take a trip to Dubai! You can learn more about Wow Summit in our post here.


3) NFT LA – March 28 – 30

NFT LA is the first big NFT conference to hit California and features an incredible lineup of speakers including Mark Cuban and Steve Aoki, massive parties and concerts, and a unique “under the dome” experience with Pink Floyd.

You can’t go wrong with throwing a good party in LA, and with the incredible startups, artists, and creators that reside nearby, this event is sure to boast an impressive guest list. Taking place from 28-30 March, this event celebrates curiosity, connection and co-creation.


4) Bitcoin 2022 Conference – April 6-9

You must’ve heard last year’s headlines claiming “30k people will fly in for Bitcoin Miami.” Indeed, Miami was overtaken with all kinds of people in the Crypto space, and not just hardcore Bitcoin maxis (although there was certainly no shortage). It was the first of its kind consisting of side events out the wazoo, and it certainly wasn’t the last.

This is a favorite that I’m looking forward to! This week in April will be huge for Crypto and I can’t wait to invade Miami beach with tens of thousands of other Web 3 fans.


5) Paris Blockchain Week Summit & Paris NFT Day – April 12-14

Paris Blockchain Week Summit is a staple event in the EU since kicking off in 2017 and highlights their largely international crowd of over 3000 attendees. PBWSummit will gather the most prominent blockchain and digital asset organizations for two days of insightful talks in Paris!

Their team shows a unique edge this year, organizing one day dedicated only to NFTs and seems to have a high caliber of creators presenting. Plus, who doesn’t want to spend a week in Paris?


6) Permissionless – May 17-19

This event will be the biggest DeFi conference in history (think BTC Miami, but purely consisting of DeFi Degens). With massive names like Blockworks, Bankless, and Coinbase, it’s sure to be a big hit and even well-organized (a rarity for the crypto space).

Expect to see incredible beach, yacht, and rooftop parties with a little splash of DeFi talks. Don’t expect to BYO Beer, more like BYO Blockchain! May 17-19 in Palm Beach, Florida definitely deserves some space in your diaries!


7) Consensus 2022 – June 9-12

Running since 2015, CoinDesk has done an incredible job making it so Consensus only features the most experienced and well-respected speakers and companies in the space. It begs the question, if you don’t make it to Consensus, are you even a Crypto Punk?

Consensus will be hosted in Austin, Texas for the first time ever. I’ve only heard good things about Austin, so get ready for a lively event! Stay tuned for announcements of other Austin events in the same week!


8) NFT NYC 2022 – June 20-23

The largest and most influential NFT event is back in full force to light up Times Square with NFTs. Want to hear some crazy numbers? There will be over 600 speakers, $1.5 million spent on Times Square Billboards, $6 million spent on the event, and over 10,000 attendees.

If you’re an NFT fanatic, you have to be at this event! Make sure to find a way into those exclusive parties to witness drops from the biggest celebrities and artists in the world. I can barely contain my excitement for this one, why is June so far away!?


9) Zebu Live – September 22-23

Following the incredibly successful DeFi Live event in November 2021 in London, Zebu Live is now set to double in size and include topics from all across Web 3.0. Attendees last year highlighted that it was one of the best groups of people they’ve ever met at a crypto conference.

This year, the Zebu team is adding an NFT gallery, VIP networking room, media trailer, alpha stage, and much more. We’re incredibly bullish this year to see the top Web 3 speakers from across the world fly into London. You can get on the mailing list right now for this September event in London on the DeFi Live site.


10) Token 2049 Singapore – September 28-29

This event in Singapore is highly anticipated, after not hosting an Asia event since 2019 and with there being a lack of Asia Crypto events, this is sure to draw a large crowd from the APAC market. Just announced, Token 2049 Singapore will now be hosted in September at the iconic Marina Bay Sands venue. It will kick off Race Weekend of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. How exciting!

Token 2049 specializes in highlighting the most influential names and projects in Crypto and has some of the best after-party events around. This legacy event is not to be missed and I couldn’t be more excited to see Singapore!


What a year, am I right?! #WAGMI


I’ll be updating this post over time with fresh info so make sure to check back. Also, keep checking our events page for announcements of upcoming events.

Lastly, feel free to shoot me a follow on Twitter and/or LinkedIn so we can connect! I’m always up for a coffee, so hit me up if we’ll be at the same event! Let me know if you enjoyed attending these conferences and whether I’ve missed any you think I should include. Happy traveling!



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By Ashton Barger

Ashton Barger travels to the biggest Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, and DeFi conferences and reports on the best experiences of them all. He is a connector and partnerships manager for Crypto_News and helps all types of web 3 companies build their name and thought leadership within the crypto industry.

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