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The guilty pleasure that most of us enjoy, but don’t want our friends and families to know about. As little as five years ago, the only way to gamble was to go to a casino, and in the US the only casinos were in Las Vegas. That meant you had to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation if you wanted to gamble. This was a huge deterrent for some, forcing them to find another hobby (probably a good thing, but still). Then with the explosion of Bitcoin’s price and popularity, some smart people started opening Online casinos. These casinos are often one hundred percent anonymous, allowing people to gamble from places that gambling is illegal in! Sometimes, the only info the casinos require is an email and password. With so little info required, Bitcoin casinos soon became really popular.

So what are the benefits of a Bitcoin casino instead of a regular casino?

Well, as I already mentioned, privacy is a huge motivator. Many people who use Bitcoin casinos would not be able to legally gamble without Bitcoin. In this aspect, Bitcoin casinos are a curse. Bitcoin casinos are so anonymous that even kids can gamble there! This is technically a benefit for the consumer (the kid), but do we really want our kids gambling? The incredible privacy of Bitcoin casinos is good for consumers and that’s why they use it, but Bitcoin casinos can arguably harm society as a whole, encouraging gambling with ads everywhere and causing many minors to develop an unhealthy addiction to gambling.

Another benefit of Bitcoin casinos are their incredible promotions. Due to how easy it is to start a Bitcoin casino (just a thousand or so dollars worth of Bitcoin if you use popular casino hosts like moneypot), there is a ton of competition in the field. This leads to casinos offering promotions that actually make them lose money in hopes of attracting enough gamblers to eventually come out on top. In short, Bitcoin casinos are better than regular casinos due to privacy and incredible promotions.

What sort of games do Bitcoin casinos offer?

You can find almost any game you can think of! All popular casino games like Blackjack, Poker, Slots, and Craps. There are also sports books and Dice sites. Bitcoin Dice sites basically feature a game in which the server automatically picks a number between 0-100. You have to guess whether it will be above or below a certain number. On top of these popular games, there are many other sites that have original and different games. Bitcoin casinos generally have a higher variety and more entertaining games than in regular casinos.

What are some of the most popular Bitcoin casinos out there?

Well, there are many popular Bitcoin casinos out there. Below I’ll provide a list my favorite and popular casinos I know of and the popular games they offer.

CryptoGames – Dice, Blackjack, Slots, Lottery, and Roulette
Nitrogen Sports – Most popular Bitcoin sportsbook,
Primedice – Dice
Rollin’ – Dice
Fortune Jack – Dice, Casino, Poker, Blackjack

These are only a few of the casinos out there. There a many more than can be found with a simple search. As always, be cautious with lesser known sites as they may not be operating honestly.

Bitcoin gambling sounds fun! How do I get started?

Well, first, you must be are over 18 year of age (Bitcoin casinos require you to be over 18, but are very loosely enforced). I encourage you not to gamble if you’re under 18; the next step is to buy some Bitcoin. You can trade fiat money and gift cards for Bitcoin at sites like,, and many more! A simple google search will help you find many ways to buy Bitcoin.

Once you have found a way to buy Bitcoin, you’ll need a wallet to store the Bitcoins. Coin base and blockchain are good web wallets for starters, though you might want to download a wallet to your computer once you have a high amount of Bitcoin. Finally, deposit your Bitcoin into your desired casino and enjoy!

Bitcoin gambling is a very cool way to gamble. With incredible promotions and privacy they are better than regular casinos in a lot of ways. I hope this article helped you understand this topic. That’s all for now, see you next time!

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