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Building an efficient Ethereum Mining Rig -
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Here is a practical guide on how to create an Ethereum Mining Rig for beginners. It normally takes one week or more to put everything together and one day to work with the configurations. The two major stages are obtaining resources and actual development.


Mother Board and Graphics Card

The Mother Board is the foundation of the mining rig. Main features are the following:

  • Number of Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) slots that determine the number of GPUs and cards that will fit and complete hashing power
  • PCI Express Slot is connection port found in the Mother Board. Majority of GPUs work with the PCI Express Slot

Costs of Graphics Cards vary. Some hash a lot while others are more acceptable but utilize more power. You need to balance the mining rig’s power and cost. The key is to purchase an efficient GPU. It is possible to buy slightly–used products provided suppliers are credible like GPU Shack. One possible issue with the Mother Board and graphic cards is not everything fits well perfectly due to the spacing between the slots on the Mother Board. Besides, some graphic cards are cumbersome so be careful in choosing the brand.

RAM and Hard Drive

The Random Access Memory (RAM) is the fundamental component of personal computers. It remembers information fast in the desktop. For Ethereum mining, the 4GB RAM should get the job done. The Hard Drive stores the Operating System or OS and mining software. The standard Solid State Drive (SSD) is good enough for this mining function. The size depends on your mining activities. You need to spend more if you plan to download the whole Blockchain. Get a smaller drive if you are part of a mining pool since it is not necessary to store the Blockchain anymore.

Power Supply and Case

Power supply units are available in different sizes. It is important to assess the power consumption of your GPU as well as other components. See to it that the power supply is capable of large storage. For example, you need a 750-watt PSU if you use two GPUS consuming 220 watts each and other parts requiring 250 watts since total power is only 690 watts. In case you want to build a Mega rig with six GPUs, it is more practical to have individual power supplies for economical reasons.

The case will depend on the GPU and whether you use GPU risers. Avoid putting components on top of each other since this is a fire hazard. The entire system can be open or build your own casing for a customized touch.

Putting the Rig Together

The tougher challenge is how to put everything together. The PSU can accommodate the graphics card. Get risers with the capacity to store extra GPUS in a secure location. Connections must be held together steadily and adequately. In positioning the GPU, make sure that it does not overheat. Place the rig in an area that is well-ventilated so it does not become extremely hot. The mining software should be installed before switching it on.

The very first step is to set up an OS on your desktop computer. This is a no-brainer. Technical persons prefer the Linux Ubuntu. This is an Operating System based on Debian and use not only for PCs but mobile devices as well. It makes use of the Ubuntu Touch model and operates network servers along with the Ubuntu Server. This is appropriate for virtual and physical servers like Main Frames or with containers. Ubuntu maintains the advantage of proving users with more options. The best news is it is free of charge.

EthOs is the app developed specifically for Ethereum Mining. It is a 64-Bit Linux Operating System capable of mining Ethereum, Monero, Z Cash, and other coins that can be mined by GPU. The Altcoin may be traded automatically to Bitcoin. This kind of OS is pre-loaded on an SSD (16 GB) and downloaded digitally. One can purchase it from GPU It is an effective means of having made to order mining systems for your GPUs and mining rigs.

By using EthOs, you no longer have to install drivers, compile software, and configure X Windows. The terminals browser-based allows the user to install and configure EthOs rigs by connecting to the IP address through the browser. It can run on thousands of rigs with multiple components as well as support all soft forks and hard forks. The Os is lightweight and works with the weakest Central Processing Unit with a small RAM of 2 GB. With EthOs, the GPU will turn off or throttle automatically if these reach extreme temperature. There is an automatic reporting system using web panel with specific rig figures, charts and event reports.

There are two ways to install the Operating System

The first is through Solo Mining which simply means you are all by yourself. You get the Block reward by getting the correct hash. Unfortunately, this is rarely possible if you only have a rig with 60 MH/s and 1.2 GH network hashing power. The second problem is you need to download the Blockchain without outside help.

The second is by way of Pool Mining. With this scheme, you work with some other miners to lessen the chances of obtaining few returns. The upside of pool mining is you are assured of uninterrupted stream of Ether. At the same time, it is not necessary to download the whole Blockchain. New miners can always consult experts as they start building the Ethereum mining rig. Experienced miners are knowledgeable of different techniques in mining crypto currencies so they can help a lot with innovative ideas.

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