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In Real Life NFT London: Expand Your Exposure to Web3 -
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On March 30th, leaders of Web3 and NFTs will gather to connect the most prominent figures and exhibit NFTs


Ethereal Collective collaborates with  Zebu Live to form a groundbreaking in-person 1-day conference called In Real Life (IRL) NFT London that will take place on March 30th, 2022, and feature a wide variety of panels, talks, and opportunities for connecting the most active participants in the global NFT community – builders, investors, artists, and collectors. 


The emerging NFT event will shine a light on the most brilliant players in the Web3 ecosystem. IRL NFT will not only feature the advancements in digital art, but also real-world art that has been fused with the wonders of blockchain, hence In Real Life. Along with that, IRL NFT will act as a bridge between enthusiasts who haven’t yet found their way to decentralisation and mainstream accessible art. The number of supporters and interested individuals IRL NFT has seen is breathtaking. 


NFT projects of all imaginable backgrounds have gathered to help make the event a success with a focus on opportunities that will benefit the community and ecosystem. The list of In Real Live NFT partners span across the space with some very notable platforms joining the lineup including:



In addition to this wonderful palette of partners, IRL NFT’s speakers are no less impressive with their knowledge and backgrounds. We will hear from NFT leaders as well as Web3 advocates and enthusiasts in panels such as:


Integrating DeFi with NFTs panel:

  • Stani Kulechov, Founder and CEO of Aave
  • Ani Alexander, CMO of NFTfi
  • Richard Draper, Co-Founder of Koia


NFTs and film panel:

  • Neils Juul, Film Producer and Co-founder of NFT Studios
  • Vitor Vilela, Filmmaker, Co-Founder of METACITZN, Royal Television Society
  • Akeem Ojuko, Co Founder of Script Network


The Creator Economy Powered by NFTs panel:

  • Pet Bersisha, Head of Crypto at Copa90
  • “Silly Tuna”, Serial NFT collector
  • Stephen Newnham, Co-Founder of NEAR Future & NFT Executive at Zebu Digital


NFTs in the Metaverse panel:

  • Brandon Smith, Co-Founder of Ethereum Towers
  • Jimi Daodu, Co-Founder and CEO of Vault Hill
  • Peter Wood, Founder of Big Town Chef and Coinburp
  • Aleksandra Artamonovskaja, Founder of Electric Artifacts & Director of Partnerships at .ART
  • Matthew Larby, Co-Founder and CEO of Realm


Besides that, the event will play host to numerous renowned artists in the NFT space including:


  • Paul Kenton
  • Paschamo
  • James Tarry
  • Graffiti Kings


NFTs would not be where they are without the help of communities. That is why In Real Life NFT will showcase some of the most influential NFT communities that have helped pave the way for the decentralised world. Some of the communities that will be featured are:


  • World Of Women
  • Bull Market Girl Friend
  • Julie Pacino
  • James Tarry
  • Tina Eisen
  • Arcade NFT
  • Ethereum Towers
  • Pindar Van Arman
  • Ape Gang
  • Gansy
  • Sevens
  • Mystic Faces
  • Fang Gang
  • Nois7
  • Paschamo
  • Tony Sellen


IRL NFT will take place at 5:30 PM BST on Wednesday, March 30th,  at an event venue, ISH Venues that is located in the heart of London, with easy access to Euston, St Pancras, and King’s Cross. Here, NFT enthusiasts will be able to enjoy and relax at the in-house bar with a chance to enjoy the event that aims to bridge the real and virtual worlds as well as showcase & auction traditional artworks by hugely popular artists. Attendees should also expect to enjoy digital NFT collectibles from a carefully curated collection and plenty of opportunities to network with various DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse platforms. 


If you’re looking for some of the best events lined up this year in space, Zebu Live is another brilliant 2-day event taking place in Kensington between September 22-23rd 2022. To learn more about the event and secure your tickets to it, you can visit their website here:


Book tickets until the day of the event at: 


For more information, please visit 


Ethereal Collective

Ethereal Collective plans to merge the physical and digital worlds through a series of exhibitions and live events, giving both creators and followers the chance to be able to showcase their digital art to the masses.

They have the vision to create a community where owning an NFT gets you access to some of the largest global NFT events. Starting with London, LA, NYC, and Dubai – EC token holders will be given the opportunity to potentially showcase their own NFT at world-renowned art galleries, attend in person or in the metaverse, and be given unprecedented utility in major city locations.

Working closely with global events and marketing agencies as well as partnering with world-class Art Creators, Experts & Collectors, Ethereal Collective is looking to create the biggest physical events to drive mainstream adoption of NFTs the world has ever seen.


Zebu Live

Zebu Live is a major Web 3 & Crypto Conference organized by Zebu Digital, a web 3 marketing agency. It is taking place in London on September 22-23. It will showcase 75 of the brightest speakers in the Web 3 industry including Stani Kulechov, members of UK parliament, Tegan Kline of The Graph, and leaders from large ecosystems like NEAR and Algorand. The main event will have 30 sessions on DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, The Metaverse, and Gaming, a startup pitch competition, an immersive NFT gallery, and interactive workshops. Enjoy conversations, parties, and networking events with over 1200 Crypto, DeFi, and NFT professionals from all around the world during London Web 3 Week (Sept 19-25). Snag your early bird ticket today:

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