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This ex-Bitcoin Core developer and cypherpunk loves explaining to people that they don’t know anything about Bitcoin. In fact, he himself believes that he also does not know anything about Bitcoin. He is one of the top 100 most influential people in crypto and blockchain and has contributed immensely to the ecosystem.

So why does he believe that he doesn’t know anything?

The reasoning is very simple. Nobody knows.

Bitcoin has never happened before, and a piece of code has never reached such a wide adoption in full decentralized mode. The implications are varied and it’s difficult to predict any outcome. It is even redundant to write this article if my intention is to explain something about Bitcoin.

The truth is, I can only provide my own perspective on the decentralized financial system. Perspective, that is, an opinion of how things are, and how they (should) work.

One thing is certain. You should strive to generate your own opinion and belief, go through the process of trying to understand what is Bitcoin and blockchain, and then end up right back where you started.

It is inevitable that a person on the journey to get involved in this brand new world is going to find themselves doubting the conclusions they’ve drawn when they were just starting.

It happened to me, it happened to Lopp, and most likely it will happen to you. And if we are being honest blockchain and Bitcoin are more than just technology. They are holders of philosophy, sociology, politics, and human ambition. People use all sorts of metaphors to describe Bitcoin and blockchain to their friends and acquaintances.

Personally, I would love to learn about how you describe Bitcoin and blockchain to people that don’t know what these terms represent. Tell me your pitch in the comments below.

Back to Jameson. He has created an impressive list of links to everything Bitcoin-related, and he wasn’t alone in its creation. The list contains too many links to count, but I would bet that all of them are relevant (having met Jameson and talked with him when he visited Amsterdam) fully knowing how committed Jameson is to cryptocurrency and decentralized systems.

You can find the list of links here, and access the most exhaustive library I’ve ever seen on the topic of Bitcoin. He’s also very clever with words and shares this list through his twitter account and this pinned post.

To learn more about who Jameson Lopp is you can visit his website or the short (yet outdated) article on Everpedia, or even better, simply follow him on Twitter.

Importance of crypto education

We recognize the need for a source of relevant information tailored for beginners. The crypto ecosystem is small and rapidly growing with every cycle bringing in more and more people in this crazy, wacky world which we take for granted. At least I do.

But I don’t take you, our readers for granted, and it is my goal that every article I write gives you value, makes you smile, and helps you learn something.

Two years ago, we created a beginners guide together with Crypto-News.net titled “Bitcoin Master Guide” and it’s a great place for Bitcoin and blockchain education. The entire guide is properly sectioned and I stand behind the information presented there. It’s also open-sourced, meaning that you can contribute to the guide with your own findings, including rectifying any errors that may have slipped through the cracks.

All in all, it is important to share with others so that they can have the opportunity to somewhat understand the technology, the strengths, and limitations, and avoid potential scams and issues in their journey to cryptohood.

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By Zoran Spirkovski

Zoran Spirkovski is a freelance journalist, brand strategist, and author published by CryptoBriefing, BeInCrypto, CryptoNewsNet, and NewsBlockchain. He writes about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, branding, marketing, and productivity, and other stories that brew up in his mind. He writes a daily blog about the same topics at zoransp.medium.com and he regularly contributes to freelance discussion groups.

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