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Lepricon launches another product in their gaming dApp suite: Gachapon -
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  • Gachapon launches on Leprion City
  • Play with L3P on Leprichain, prizes sent on Polygon (and later any Ethereum-compatible side chain)
  • 10,000 NFTs in Season One, containing Chilli Bottle NFTs and over 17,500 USDT collectively
  • Launch of Chilli Bottle NFTs which will feature a central role in the development of the Lepricon City Ecosystem
  • Mini-game to win Marmot NFTs which give access to special prizes
  • The first use of Lepricon’s Pack Generator, a batch minter for composed NFTs

It’s finally here, the game where you are guaranteed an NFT with every play.

With an initial mint of 10,000 composable NFTs created in Lepricon’s Pack Generator dApp, each containing another NFT and some crypto, you are guaranteed to win something every time.

Read on to learn about the game, the new technological contributions to Lepricon’s blockchain SDK, and our plans for NFT prizes.

About the game

Lepricon based Gachapon on the vending machines popular in Japan and other Asian countries that dispense capsules with toys or other goodies. The name Gachapon (also known as Gashapon) comes from the sounds of turning the crank handle (Gacha) and the capsule landing in the tray (pon).

There have already been many digital versions of Gachapon delivered through mobile apps and in many types of video games. Now they have our own, and this one dispenses NFTs. Lots and lots of NFTs.


Gachapon is built in Unity, now the 3D engine of choice for all the upcoming carnival-style games in Lepricon City. It demonstrates several essential features that will become part of the Blockchain Game Development SDK later this year.

First, it demonstrates decentralised blockchain activity from within the Unity 3D engine, which uses C# as its development language. This capability, along with the Web stack established with Lucky Wheel, represents the second of our three development paths. The third path is for Unreal Engine, which uses C++.

Second, it is the first use of a new in-house product called the Pack Generator. Gamers frequently download “packs” to expand gameplay, known as Downloadable Content (or DLC) in the video gaming world. Our Pack Generator does the same thing for blockchain-based assets, creating composable NFTs that contain other digital assets (more NFTs or crypto) that gamers can claim. While they are not the first company to demonstrate composability, the Pack Generator is unique. It can batch process large quantities of NFTs according to a rarity table independent of the rarity table for the NFTs that it contains. Lepricon will be releasing more details on the Pack Generator in due course when they launch it as a standalone product game developers can connect to and batch process composed NFTs.


Gachapon Prize NFT

Using the Pack Generator, Lepricon have just minted 10,000 NFTs, containing the prizes for season One of the Gachapon machine. You can see them all on Opensea, created on the Polygon Network. Also, all rewards for Lepricon City are held in the Lepricon City wallet. The NFT prizes and the Gachapon Season One collection are the same at launch. However, they will add other NFTs to the prize wallet in the future. You will always win an NFT, randomly selected, from the Lepricon City prize wallet. And while you play the game using L3P on Leprichain, prizes could be on Ethereum or any Ethereum-compatible side chain.

Say hello to the Chilli Bottles

Chilli Bottle NFT

Season One Gachapon NFTs all contain a Chilli Bottle NFT. There are ten thousand of these of varying rarity. These NFTs will play a significant role in expanding the Lepricon City arcade. Just hold on to them for now.

Cold Hard Cash

Each Gachapon NFT also contains cold hard cash (Polygon USDT). The smallest amount is 50 cents. The largest amount is US$125. In total, these 10,000 Gachapon Season One NFTs contain over 17,500 USDT.

Marmot Club

And finally. Gachapon also features a mini-game where you have to find some pesky marmots hiding out within the game world. Find them all, and you will recieve a special Marmot NFT in your wallet. For now, these are just proof you have good eyesight. Later, possessing these will gain you advantages with Lepricon City and the possibility of winning exclusive prizes not available to other players.

How to Play

Gachapon game screen

The Gachapon machine is straightforward to play. You will need $SL3P in your MetaMask Wallet on Leprichain. Go straight to the Gachapon page on Lepricon City, connect your wallet in Leprichain mode, and off you go.

To play the game, simply crank the handle (there is a handy arrow showing you where to click), and wait for it to give you your NFT, which will be airdropped to you instantly on the Polygon Network. You can crank, again and again, winning an NFT each time.

If you want to claim your NFTs, go to the claim page. All the Gachapon NFTs in your wallet will be displayed for you to claim their contents.

You can also see all the NFTs you have won by searching for your wallet address on Opensea. Lepricon are waiting for verification from Opensea on the collection, so in the meantime, you might have to click the show hidden option to see your NFTs.

To play the mini-game and claim your Marmot Club NFT, you need to study the game world. Find seven hidden marmots in the game world, and the NFT is yours. Only one Marmot shows his face at any one time.

If you don’t own L3P yet or are unsure how to bridge it to Leprichain, read this article for all you need to know to buy it on Binance Smart Chain using Pancake Swap. Then read this article which will help you bridge it to Leprichain, and update your MetaMask wallet.

Now, go win some NFTs!

About Lepricon

Lepricon is reimagining the possibilities for entertainment through blockchain technology and seeking to establish the general acceptance of player-owned economies in games. They believe that gaming can and should be the first killer-on ramp to mainstream adoption, and Lepricon’s stated mission is to catalyse this outcome.

Our activities break into three distinct tracks; technology, entertainment and DeFi.


At the core of this strategy is Lepricon’s own high-speed, gas-less Ethereum-compatible side chain, Leprichain. They are developing software solutions in the form of SDKs, which will empower mainstream game development studios to incorporate blockchain technology into their games. These solutions are built upon and powered by Leprichain, with the intent to create a drag and drop blockchain solution for mainstream game developers.


Lepricon is developing several in-house entertainment activities that operate on Leprichain, including our collection of arcade and carnival games at Lepricon City. The first games are straightforward, but they will develop more complex games that demonstrate Leprichain’s capabilities over time. Lepricon will leverage these demonstration games to encourage third party dApp developers to deploy on Leprichain.


Leprichain and all of the dApps that run on it are powered by our ERC-20 / BEP-20 utility token, L3P. Lepricon’s DeFi portal will enable L3P holders to manage their tokens, participate in governance, and benefit from advanced yield-earning activities. Lepricon’s DeFi portal will launch towards the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

For further information, please visit


Phil Ingram

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