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Alt-coin Speculation: mid-June -
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LBRY Credits

While Bitcoin and Ethereum prices continue on a short-term downward trend, the Alt-coins are being put through the test of adoption. A good number of these currencies have already gone through some hype and are currently experiencing a decline in volume. I anticipate the bull run on alt-coins to continue for some time and holding should be relatively safe in the coming months. However, funds being tied up can equate to missed opportunities.

There is no shortage of Alt-coins with community support, some compliment each other while others compete for a niche market.

Gaming coins have gained popularity recently with the advent of MobileGo and the marketing push of DigiByte. Gamers make up a majority of the online presence and gaming with crypto should be taken seriously by investors.

GameCredits: Over the next few days, I anticipate GAME to drop a bit further than 0.00112 and would consider 0.00093 as a possible floor. This is a good opportunity to buy in or to get more. I would set orders a bit above these prices to be able to catch the sell-off periods.

Digibyte: Certain indicators suggest that Digibyte could fall to 850 and possibly as low as 580 in the coming days. It might be a good time to invest for those who think Digibyte can deliver as promised. I would consider it a good trading opportunity at 600 sats and should be able to make a 2x return in the near future.

Dogecoin: If current short term trend continues on alt-coins, I expect Doggies to burrow down to 85 and possibly even 67. The bull run on Alt-coin is far from over and Doge is very capable of making a recovery. Although not the best for long term investment, Dogecoin is very popular and should be taken more seriously than most people give them credit for.

LBRY Credits is currently on the trading spotlight with an influx of volume and competitive market prices. This internet currency has a user-base comparable to Steem, but for creative content as opposed to blogging and news; Albeit, a bit more underground. To buy LBRY Credits, I would set some orders starting at 0.000155 and pad them down to 0.00013. An optimistic view of LBRY would put a floor at just under 0.00018.



Ethereum and Litecoin: Don’t miss the next boat, Ethereum could hit a floor at around 0.12 in the coming days. Buy and go long.

Litecoin is a good stable investment. Sources suggest that LTC could take a good climb upward soon.



Trading markets are volatile, never risk more than you can afford to lose. These are my own trading opinions and should be used as an example, not a guide. Always do your own research and chart analysis.

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