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MobileGo - Mobile Gaming Platform and Store -
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A unique platform in the now-inflated world of crypto, MobileGo is the first cryptocurrency-centric platform to allow widespread use of crypto for payments for in-game purchases and mobile games. Although the ICO has already ended for this promising platform, it may still be profitable to invest due to the very unique features that the platform offers.

Notice: MobileGo is NOT the same thing as GameCredits. It was designed to compliment GameCredits.
MobileGo is, as mentioned before, a platform that allows the purchase of games and in-game purchases with a special cryptocurrency, the MobileGo token. The platform was developed in order to further promote GameCredits’ mobile store feature. The cryptocurrency, which is in the form of an Ethereum EC20 token, is designed to decentralize the gaming platform and help provide all the things that are available in a regular app store, but in cryptocurrency form. This is helpful for those who do not wish to buy physical giftcards to redeem on an app store or use a credit or debit card to buy a game or in-game item. Although there are ways to get digital gift cards anonymously and also digital debit cards, GameCredits and MobileGo together is a more convenient and secure platform due to the fact that many such cards are stolen and your bought game could be taken back.

Progress is not the fastest on the MobileGo platform, but many features are already implemented and open. The mobile gaming platform is in beta but is set to soon open, and the payment solution is also almost complete. Some of the future developments in the platform are not implemented yet, such as decentralized gaming, so there are temporary centralized gaming matches for now. Decentralized tournaments are also another thing that is being developed and are set to open soon. Although the platform is still in its infancy and there is still a lot of work to be done, the platform will likely take off quickly along with a possible surge in GameCredits again once everything is done and tested.

The platform also competes with the larger app store companies by offering lower fees for game publishers, as these larger app stores charge big money for just listing an app in the store and an even bigger cut out of earnings. By partially or fully migrating an app to the MobileGo platform, a developer or company can save money and possibly even get more users and more in-app purchases due to the decentralized nature of the platform. The platform actually transfers all spent tokens directly to the developer’s wallet with very low fees, another very attractive feature that has been implemented in many blockchains already but is very convenient, as there will likely be many thousands of transactions per day when the platform is at peak performance.

Another great thing about the platform for developers and users alike is the smart contract, which is already in blockchains like Ethereum but allows developers to let their creativity go free and develop whatever they want.

Many game platforms like Beyond The Void already use the Ethereum blockchain for movement of currency and assets, but the MobileGo and Gamecredits platform allows these games and features to be coded in without as much work on the developer’s end, saving days or even months of work. These platforms are already prospering and garnering thousands of dollars in profits for the developers every day. In addition, MobileGo is already contacting some game developers to implement blockchain-related features into their games.

As you can see, MobileGo is a very promising and interesting platform that was created in order to solve the many issues that developers and users alike might have with larger app platforms. With a rather stable price of around $1.60 as of the time of this article’s writing, the coin seems to be undervalued, and as more companies and developers move into the platform, the price of both MobileGo and GameCredits will likely rise. Although many things look up for the platform, it still has a long ways to go in the rocky waters of cryptocurrency. Will the coin make it to the port or sink to the bottom of the ocean? Nobody knows, but this vessel seems to have a better shot at reaching it than its predecessors.

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