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We all know that Bitcoin is the unquestionable king of cryptocurrency. But what you may not know is that there are barely any meet ups related to this cryptocurrency. Because one of its main calling cards is anonymity, there just aren’t that many real life interactions that involve Bitcoin! Well, in Ukraine, they are changing all of that with the Bitcoin Conference Kiev. The conference is set to take place on September 23, 2016. It will feature a variety of major names in the Bitcoin field, such as creators of altcoins, major bank representatives, entrepreneurs, and much more! This conference has broken down events and made three separate halls:

Rookie- For people relatively new to Bitcoin

Pro– for those who want to take their Bitcoin knowledge one step further

Developer– for Developers!

I am going to highlight what sort of things will happens in each hall.

Rookie Hall

First up, in the hall for beginners and entry-level Bitcoin enthusiasts, the conference will cover basic Bitcoin subjects. Max Krupyshev, the founder of Satoshi’s Square Ukraine, will speak about Bitcoin in general and Bitcoin mining. Next up, a 2 year veteran in Bitcoin, Oleg Kudrenko, will speak about Bitcoin wallet safety. This will help those looking to switch from hackable online web wallets (think Bitfinex hack) to a cold, unhackable wallets. Finally, Kir Kelevra will review crypto trading and blockchain technologies. In addition, he will do a cool little mini lesson in Bitcoin 2.0. The rookie hall is a cool thing for any new Bitcoiner to attend!

Pro Hall

Pro Hall is for Bitcoiners with a basic knowledge of Bitcoin already. There are many topics in this hall and they are broken into three “sessions”. Session one is about finance. In that session, several experts will cover topics such as the dangers of the market and how to get Bitcoin out into the marketplace. Also, discussed in this session will be the state of the Bitcoin industry, the challenges of getting Bitcoin into national banks, and blockchain in capital marketplaces. In the second session, they will discuss fintech. Among the topics discussed will be the future of exchanges, blockchain based payment systems, and the core Bitcoin banking systems of tomorrow. Finally, in the third session, they will discuss govtech. Specific topics will include market overview, Eauction 3.0, blockchain land registry, Estonia experience, and smart contracts! There is a ton of stuff to do at the Pro Hall and is a must see for all Bitcoin enthusiasts!

Developer Hall

Our final hall of the tour of the Conference is the Developer Hall. This hall is mainly for the people who use Bitcoin to develop stuff. The topics covered in this hall are: Analysis of Proof of Stake algorithms, Devoloping of Ethereum Smart Contracts, smart contract platform LISK, Crypto Mining, the battle between the coins, a security test, and last but not least, they will discuss typical mistakes when starting a crypto Project. If you are a Devoloper, this hall will greatly increase your knowledge!

So as you can see, the Bitcoin Conference in Kiev, Ukraine is a new and exciting step towards making Bitcoin more widely accessible! Going to the conference will be a great help to further your knowledge about all things crypto! I would definitely recommend going if you get the opportunity.

You can buy tickets at: http://bitcoinconf.com.ua/en

Thanks for reading this article, I hope it helped you, and see you next time!

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By Kewl