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One misconception about Bitcoin is only software experts can understand this crypto-currency. Many people say you need third-party services such as CoinBase or Bitcoin.de to look after their virtual funds.

Here is the real score. You do not need the currency if you want a third party to secure your finances. It is more logical to entrust funds to a bank rather than nameless servers that host the Bitcoin wallet from elsewhere. This remarkable cryptography surrounding the digital currency and expert develops made sure to back-up users’ funds without the need for third parties. In fact, the best thing about Bitcoin is the user maintains absolute control over his or her money.

Supporting and Restoring Bitcoin with Seeds

Many Bitcoin wallets offer users an option to back-up their finances using the so-called “seed.” It is composed of unsystematic succession of 12 to 18 or 24 words that does not make sense. Yet, it can be an important code for restoring your wallet regardless of the number of transactions and addresses. Write this seen on a piece of paper and keep it inside a vault or carve it into stone. It is possible to utilize Mnemonic technique to remember this seed. Only the user can recall this sequence of words. Many believe this is the MAGIC since the money is stored in the person’s brain.

The back-up process is relatively easy. Download the Bitcoin wallet that supports hierarchical deterministic wallets. There are many of these wallets. It will require the user to write down his or her seed before opening it for the first time. Look for the back-up option for your wallet. What is the next step? How does once restructure funds once the magic words are available? How do you access coins using the seed if the PC hard disk crashes or the mobile phone gets crushed?

To access Bitcoin, use the same wallet that produced the seed. You can recover coins fast. Some wallets offer options to get back funds from the back-up. There could be complications but cryptography’s beauty is the user holds the keys. This sequence of words is the base from which keys are obtained. It has the entirety of mathematics as well.

What then is the meaning of hierarchical deterministic wallet? It is a procedure in cryptography that converts the seed into one master key. All other keys are obtained in a deterministic arrangement. Seeds work autonomously from wallets. These are not reliant on certain software. The master key and passphrase are the same. Two ways to get keys and addresses are known as the BIP32 and BIP44. Wallets such as Ledger can print out 24-word passphrases while Exodus and Coin-Space are capable of reading 12-word passphrases.

Seeds and wallets are not compatible. Likewise, not all wallets use and understand the same dictionaries. Some do not even have correct implementation of pathways.  Exodus can recover first four addresses created with Master Key and Coin.Space but cannot recover addresses produced using other wallets.

Cryptography and Magic Words

What are the technicalities of this magical seed? Is this a secure procedure? You have to understand how Bitcoin is stored to understand the functions of passphrase. The wallet begins by generating a private key prior to getting the public key and transforms said key into an address. You can simply jot down or save the private key in a coded file. It is similar to a random series of characters: 15sd2rqTcTbFkM5jzDSk1WnhoQLAv45w3z.

Peter Wuille, who developed Bitcoin in 2012, built this feature, “hierarchical deterministic wallets or BIP32”. Other developers such as Satoshi Labs (Bitcoin start-up firm from Czechoslovakia) created the tools to get the master key from the seed of 12 to 24 words and acquire keys that support accounts like BIP44. This wallet feature protects users against Blockchain data miners. The seed is powerful but there are many risks. Thus, it is important that you nobody else will know except the user. Otherwise, many problems may arise.

Safety of Seeds

The seed is very safe in theory since it is only basic mathematics However, there are other questions. Are you sure no one else will learn about the seed produced on your personal computer? How will you know that a hidden cipher will send that seed to other people if wallets like Exodus, Mycelium and Electrum created that seed? There is also a possibility that malware will steal it from your wallet.

There is no total security although it can be achieved until a certain degree. Try to browse the BIP39 generator (Ian Coleman). Save the website so you can use it offline. Shut off the Internet and start the offline site. In short, the program can create the seed even without any Internet connection. Use the entropy or measure of efficiency that the computer creates. The six-sided dice or two of these will help because you must roll it over 50 times to obtain a dependable source of entropy. This will go on and on until all results are in.

Do not forget to write down the seed on paper. See to this is encrypted using strong passwords and a tool that you can trust in case you want to keep it digitally. Scroll down. Write the master key (BIP39). Scroll further down and click on the BIP44 derivative. Click the BIP32 derivative and note down the addresses. Once everything is accomplished, shut down the website and your computer. Clear out the memory and restart. Go online and share your public key to get the coins.

This is the magic of it all. The user is able to get a wonderful experience out of this Bitcoin fortune.

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