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Ethereum Devcon 2 -
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Devcon 2 is a very important event for Ethereum, with huge sponsors like Microsoft, Dinar Dirham, and WanXiang Blockchain Labs, and other very special guests in attendance. But, what it is about, and where is it being held?
Unfortunately, tickets for the event have already sold out, but if you’re still interested in it, here are the details, and what you can do if you’d like to get in next year.

A Huge Gathering

Devcon 2 is something huge for Ethereum that is essentially a huge gathering of people including programmers, developers, and anybody interested in Ethereum invited or able to attend.
Interestingly, tickets for the event were purchasable via Ether, USD (Credit Cards) and Bitcoin- something we haven’t seen in a while. Most crypto-events still only accept credit cards and Bitcoin, and rarely Ether.
Devcon 1 occurred last year and was held in London. As it was a huge success, The Foundation decided to host another one- this time in the Shanghai Hyatt on September 19th-21st. Passes for the event were pricey, but sold out very quickly.


Event devcoin

A few of the various presentations scheduled at Devcon 2

Presentations for the event were hand-picked given three criteria:

  • level of interest to the developers
  • comprehensiveness
  • relevance

These DevCons are successful each year due to the ability to share new ideas and innovations in an open forum and due to exciting announcements made regarding new developments. DevCons are also the most probable way of interfacing with various developers in the crypto scene. This lends itself to quick ticket sales and a high turnout. If you’re still interested in going, there is a waiting list and unless you already have a Chinese visa (which takes quite a while to get, and is only available at Chinese consulates that are not in every major city in the US and EU) it’ll be difficult to get there even if you’ve been picked on the waiting list. If you want to attend next year, frequent the Ethereum Blog for updates and information.

If you’ve already gotten your tickets and are arriving in Shanghai, we congratulate welcome you! Otherwise, keep an eye on the Ethereum blog, Youtube, and the Ethereum Reddit page asthey will have comprehensive coverage of this event.
This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss if you’re a fan of Ethereum; many exciting announcements and developments will be made. Stay tuned as you never know when something new will happen!

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