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Hashing24, a BitFury associate, just partnered with MinerGate and they now allow their clients to benefit from a cloud mining experience. And they couldn’t have chosen a better partner. MinerGate is one of the oldest mining pools.

When Bitcoin was firstly created, the risks involved were fewer. There wasn’t a lot of people involved and you could be sure that you could invest in a personal mining setup and you’d be paid off. However, since it’s attracting so many people from all over the world, there are some security measures that need to take place to avoid the fact that you may not be paid. So, cloud mining has surged as one possible solution.

One of the main advantages, when you’re using cloud mining, is the fact that it allows you to get your first Bitcoins in just a couple of days. On the other hand, if you weren’t using it, you would need to deal with the many different challenges that come with the mining process.

Despite cloud mining appears to be a great solution in what concerns to the mining process, there are still many people who remain skeptical. If this is your case, all you need to do is to make sure that you partner with a reliable and trusted partner.

This partnership between MinerGate and Hashing24 isn’t just good to the Hashing24 clients. It’s also great to MinerGate since they now have the chance to use BitFury data centers. So, all the Bitcoins will most likely be newly generated and they will be able to be traced on the blockchain.

Despite you can see that this deal will benefit both companies, they didn’t stop here. They went one step ahead and created the optimum conditions for their clients to take advantage of the partnership as well, in a very easy way. Thinking mainly about their customers, MinerGate simplified the complete process and their clients can now buy the hashing powers directly in their Dashboard. They just need to choose how much they are willing to pay or how much power they want. Their packages start on the 20GH/s.

One of the main advantages of this entire process is that you’ll get the coins that are mined credited in your account on a daily basis. As soon as you reach the withdrawal limit, you can transfer them to your personal wallet. And if you are one of those skeptical people we mentioned above, you can see how transparent the entire process is because all the payments come directly from the block rewards. So, this proves how the cloud mining process from the Hashing24 is genuine.

One of the things that make MinerGate a great and trusted company is the fact that they are truly committed to their mission. One of the things they want is to be able to make blockchain more accessible as well as to turn the cryptocurrencies world sophisticated.

By looking at their currencies choice, mostly based on CryptoNote technology, you can see how they are serious about making their technology available to everyone. Even the CPUs they require are not that expensive. Plus, their GUI mining application is a great way for people who are yet inexperienced, to take a look and start their own mining.

Both companies couldn’t be happier with this partnership. For Hashing24, they are clearly offering now what they have as their mission – “everyone should benefit from the mining and be able to have access to the newest technologies.” In what concerns to MinerGate, Claude Lecomte, the CEO, says that cloud mining offers a unique way for anyone to engage in the mining is an easy way. According to him,  “We sympathize with the idea of cloud mining, as anybody can quickly engage in it. High network difficulty significantly limits possibilities for small-scale miners, but it shouldn’t make Bitcoin mining exclusive.”

With the partnership between MinerGate and Hashing24, it is expected to see that cloud mining starts to see a demand increase. If there are already so many people that want to have their own mining, having a way where they don’t have so many risks of not getting paid, and with an extremely easy process, even the more skeptical people will start to give it a shot to see how it goes. Technology keeps changing and new security measures are coming up for the first time. However, with this new deal between these two respected companies, we can see that some of the risks are starting to be managed. And this is they both want: they want a simple and transparent mining process, that is accessible to everyone that wants to give it a try.

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