1 thought on “Speculation: Bitcoin could reach $250,000 in 2020

  1. I love a little confirmation bias in the morning 🙂 I have run all these compounding calculations myself over the last 6 months and come up with the same answers (Can actually get 1% daily depending on the time frame you use for the analysis) $1 Million per coin is “conceivable” before it settles. It all depends how much “capital” ends up parked in BTC. The current Gold market cap of $7 Trillion will produce $500K per coin – and the gold market is tiny compared to M2, Stocks, Bonds and a spec of dust in comparison to the derivatives market. If the security remains solid and there are no hard forks etc to upset the growth and perception I would almost bank on 250K per coin within 5 years.

    It has the capacity to make many people wealthy as they cycle in and out after appreciating their wealth – the only way to get in is if someone chooses to sell their coins.

    The mining output is low and the supply of total coins is already known and fixed – no central banks printing up trillions for their golf buddies at the banks.

    Crucially there is no mechanism to leverage or naked short Bitcoin – it is indicating what should be happening with Gold and precious metals if it weren’t for the nefarious mechanisms in place for the fiat money producers to artificially control the price of PM’s in order to manufacture false confidence in their fiat ponzi scheme.

    Once in a lifetime opportunity right before your eyes.

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