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Following the development of civilization, trading is the sole factor in the creation of currency, in order to facilitate the process. Without it, trading means exchanging one good for another, but through the use of currency, people can trade currency for goods and vice-versa.

Today trading takes place through the information technology widely available through the world, as well as physically buying and selling in exchange for fiat currency.

Here you can find information about modern trading and all necessary information to get you up on your feet if you’re considering to start trading.

Beyond the general information about trading, we have a part on the bottom that’s focused on the trading with Bitcoin. Although useful, a lot of the information in the in-depth guide is very valuable for new and experienced traders as well.

Trading introduction 

General introduction into trading, explaining the necessity, as well as the modern ways that it’s being done today. You can learn more about the different trading styles, the business of trading in general. Overall, it’s a good source of information if you want to build a foundation of trading knowledge.

Trade Order Types

Today trading through an automated fulfillment of ordered, which are instructions for the exchange on what to do. By setting up your orders correctly, you can save yourself from quick devaluations of the good that you’re trading with.

Trading Technology 

Constantly evolving, technology is the fundamental reason anything changes these days. This chapter looks upon the modern trade tech, as well as providing a brief history of how contemporary trading has evolved over the course of the last 30 years.

Trading Plans and development 

In order to be successful with trading you need to have a plan. Trading isn’t lucky guessing or gambling, although some people treat it this way. In this chapter you can learn more about what trading plans are and how to develop them yourself.

Testing Trade Plans

After creating a plan for trading, it is essential to test it in order to establish a baseline expectation about the return on investment. Testing your trade plans enables you to form realistic, or as close to real expectations about the outcome of your trade activities.

Bitcoin Trading 

While trading is the universal language of commodity exchange between people, every market where people trade has a different culture. Trading with Bitcoin is different than trading with other commodities. Here you can learn specific information about Bitcoin Trading.

Bitcoin Exchanges 

Once you’ve considered whether Bitcoin trading is for you and you’ve decided that it really is, then the next step is to learn more about the Bitcoin exchanges that are available for you. Following this link will lead you to a list of reviews that we did on the various exchanges around the internet and will serve as a great starting point for your bitcoin trading activities.

Continue Learning about Bitcoin

The journey doesn’t stop here. Trading is but one part of the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. An important one, of course, but understanding the technology, its potential and the implications that arise from its use are important as well. So if you haven’t already explored other parts of the guide, we suggest having a look at them, or if you already have you can assist us in improving this guide by partaking in the community survey that we’ve prepared for you.

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