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There are many ways to earn Bitcoin. Through mining, it is possible to augment blockchain’s previous transaction records.Aside from mining, it is possible to obtain bitcoins from a legitimate exchange or trading the digital currency for merchandise or services. Bitcoin users need a wallet to begin with. This is similar to a PayPal account where the digital currency can be stored. The wallet is kept online although you need a blockchain file for this wallet. The Coinbase account is one platform for purchasing, accepting and using Bitcoin currencies.

There are other methods for earning this crypto-currency.

One is through Bitcoin Rewards which are similar to Swagbucks.com, an online rewards destination that allows users to get points from web searching and shopping and Qmee.com where shoppers also earn cash rewards from online shopping and savings. Take a look at bitcoinget.com and find out how to earn bitcoin in your wallets through surveys.

Bitcoin Rebates

Earn bitcoin by shopping at participating outlets. It is possible to sign up at coinrebates.com by simply linking up your wallet address and clicking through the shop of choice. Purchase the merchandise and wait for rebates that will be transmitted to the bitcoin wallet. First-time rebates are convertible to bonuses as long as these are members of bitcoinget.com, the sister website of coinrebates.com.

These sites include bonus programs that enable users to earn bitcoins by conducting surveys, answering questions, trying applications, making referrals, buying from other sites, and viewing ads. Some of the websites have similar or the same offers but give separate payouts for taking part in such deals. Refrain from using software that blocks advertisements or private windows in browsers when performing these activities. Cookies must be allowed for tacking of your purchases. Or else, it will not be possible to get your rebates.

Other Programs

  • BattleCoin.org is a multi-player PVP game that will earn you bitcoins by recommending new users. 10 percent of website profits from referred users are added to the balance of your wallet.
  • Get the crypto-currency from Bitcoin Get by watching videos and completing offers. Sign-up is not needed. Enter your bitcoin address to start receiving bitcoins. There is no minimum payout. Payments are sent daily to lower transaction fees.
  • Participate in sponsored offers of Free Digital Money. 1,000 offers are available to users. Some are free while others require purchases. You get bitcoins after participating in offers. Accounts are not required.
  • Bitalo.com is a secured online exchange and wallet. You can earn $US5 worth of bitcoins after signing up. Users get verified accounts by recommending new users.
  • Try BTC introduces interactive tutorials wherein users are given some bitcoins for sharing with friends and donating to charity. You will be educated about bitcoin transactions, addresses, wallets and blockchain technology. Users keep five cents of bitcoin at the end of each activity.
  • Through Blog 4 Bitcoin, users can earn this digital currency through blogging. Get free Word Press plug-ins or free blog site.
  • Go URLBitcoin Payment Gateway gives users 33.3 percent of commissions awarded to GoURL.io. Earn 0.50 percent from crypto-coin payments made by users through this site for wed developers using this in the web apps or PHP scripts.

Gift Card Exchanges

Gift cards may be exchanged for Bitcoin. In the United States or Canada, the available sites are cardforcoin.com and raise.com where users can sell gift cards. The Gift Card Exchange (Reddit) offers gift cards to users as well especially for residents outside the United States or North America.  Look for trustworthy traders who offer at least 80 percent of the total value depending on the type of gift card. Others offer from 85 to 90 percent for cards with lower values.

The Sub-Reddit (Jobs 4 Bitcoin) offer possible online jobs like graphic designing and programming. Payments are made in this digital currency. Some employers make payments directly to your Bitcoin wallet. Another option is through Change Tip which guarantees privacy to users because it is not necessary to reveal your wallet address to employers or other parties. Forums like Bitcoin Talk and Bit Market accept the crypto-currency as payment for services and commodities. You can sell used items at Bit Market and Bitcoin Talk or Craig’s List as well.

There are Bitcoin Giveaways. An ideal place to find these sites is Reddit. Some sites also host giveaways. Card for Coin maintains a referral program where you only have to enter an email or wallet address and get a referral link. There is no need to swap gift cards for bitcoins. Coinbase.com has a unique referral scheme. Recruit users. You get $25 worth of Bitcoin after an individual recruit makes a purchase through this exchange.

Learn the different ways to earn this unique digital currency and enjoy the benefits or incentives.

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