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Can small businesses ever engage in global trade, cost effectively smoothly and fairly? Will it ever be  possible to democratize global trade?- Yes, the solution has been built.  Cited as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Blockchain Technology Solution Providers, the ModulTrade platform leverages the power of  blockchain technology, providing users a secure platform, with a simple user interface to map end to end trade transactions and track the process in real time. The application of legally valid smart-contracts effectively replaces the need for conventional financial trade instruments, such as letters of credit and bank guarantees., ModulTrade provides a new opportunity for MSMEs, to minimise costs and time, in a trusted digital marketplace, that allows businesses to meet, commit and execute trade securely.

Through a continual process of development and testing of their minimal viable product, the ModulTrade technical team have found themselves in a market leading position, that has empowered them to bring forward the launch of their fully functioning platform – the  new digital marketplace is now live and is gaining more and more new users on a daily basis from different countries across the globe.

On 28 November, ModulTrade launched their main token sale to  allow users to participate and use   their blockchain based global trade platform for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The 5mln MTRc Soft Cap was reached on December 7, 2017.  Starting December 27, 2017 the Token Sale entered the Phase 3 with 10% bonus offered and additional special offers still valid for large-volume

Currently, the ModulTrade platform accepts ETH (Ethereum) in addition to MTRc (the ModulTrade token) for funds, with plans to soon accept other ERC20 tokens, along with fiat (USD, EU, £ etc.). To allow entrepreneurs to use the ModulTrade Platform, some MTRc has been released for free float in the system. Users may buy and sell MTRc at a nominal price of 1ETH = 700 MTRc at the exchange, Etherdelta.com.

In 2018, the ModulTrade platform will buy back MTRc at a nominal rate for fiat from merchants.

ModulTrade opened its main token sale on November 28th, 2017

Tokens to be distributed: 30’000’000 MTRc

Soft cap of  5’000’000 MTRc reached on December 7, 2017

Hard cap is set at: 30’000’000 MTRc

Token price is set at 1 MTRc = 1/700 ETH

Payment is accepted in ETH, BTC, LA, fiat

ModulTrade Token Sale end date is set for January 27, 2018

For joining Phase 3 of the token sale, please, visit: https://modultrade.io

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